A Contest

Go on over to ThreeSources and give them your one word description of the SOTU Speech last night.

All I could think of (besides my own one word answer) was that we HAVE to win in November. We have to.
Bret Stephens doesn’t think that we will. He even places some of the blame on those “A listers” who have decided not to run. Yet those A listers have yet to be vetted Daniels, I like. Christie is very left. Ryan is cold. Jeb Bush….give me a break. Haley Barbour – i don’t know anything about.

Can we win with Newt? I sincerely doubt it. He has a LOT of quotable moments that belong in the ashcan of memory. “The people” don’t watch the debates and Obama will agree to 1, not 3 and certainly not a sit down and casually talk it out sort of debate.
Is he more conservative than Romney. Not a bit.
Does he use better words than Romney. A lot better.
(here is a link about the Gingrich “ethics” problem. It doesn’t look like much to me.)

Can we win with Romney? It’s looking very iffy.
He can not seem to defend himself with the passion he needs. Bain created jobs. Firing companies that are not serving you IS fun. Living off of investments is a better way to live. For everyone, not just the rich. He is the candidate with the least to be embarrassed about (except ahem Romneycare) but he acts like everyone should just see that and he doesn’t need to share.

The MOST important thing to know about all of this……we HAVE to win both houses. No matter what.