Those Marines

Hey – I’ve given my opinion on things I know only slightly more about, so why not this?

War is hell. To shoot people you have to pretty much give up the idea that you are killing mommys and daddys and brothers and sisters. Instead they are the enemy.

In this case, the enemy is so inhuman that they do things like trick little children whose parents are so poor that they are sent to madrasas, into setting off bombs for them.

Should those marines have pee’d on the dead Taliban. No. Should they be disciplined. Yes. Should those in charge belittle this rather than turning it into a national offense. Definitely.
Marines are out there doing what I don’t want to do. They are often young, they are usually men, and they are under a lot of pressure. Sometimes they aren’t going to do the right thing and instead are going to do what they think is the entertaining thing.

The world thinks that just like in the movies the US government controls everything. But sometimes people act like kids. Frankly as a person who is not the boss, I am ok if Taliban, who choose to kill civilians and behead their enemy vs setting up nice prisoner Gitmos, think that some of us are so wild and crazy that we would desecrate the dead.

Was it wrong – yes. Is it the end of the world? No. War is hell and the majority of our warriors are so very impressive it brings tears to your eyes. This episode will make it harder for those trying to show our good side and that is tragic. But we’ve been showing our good side over there for years now. If the Afghan people think this incident is our norm, then we haven’t been doing a very good job.

Cripes, even a columnist in Al Jazeera realizes this incident is not “inhuman”, but something that may happen during times of war. It is to be condemned, (even for the idiocy of videotaping it!) but no, I’m not going to give these men credit for losing the war.