It’s Sunday – Sermon Time

Man were the Broncos ever crushed.

How will the Media spin this?
First they decided that a positive response to this question meant that God decides football games rather than that God has a hand in Tim Tebow’s hardworking character:

“Do you believe that any of Tim Tebow’s success can be attributed to Divine Intervention?”

So with a 45-10 defeat will the media declare that God is dead? Or that God changed his mind? Or that all along it wasn’t God, but the devil in disguise?

It’s very tricky for folks who don’t believe in a personal God to interpret the words of those who do. Maybe this will help. Tim keeps his Lord by his side so just like those of you who thank your spouse during your success because he/she has been by your side the whole journey helping you make decisions or simply believing in your abilities God does get to have a hand in Tim’s success. God cares about Tim. Not necessarily about football.

Does God get credit when quite clearly he is Tebow’s right hand? You bet. That doesn’t mean people believe that God wins football games.

(ps – God – if you do, you’re a bummer. 🙂 But I don’t think you do.)

The Patriots played an amazing game out there. Half the time I never even saw the ball….oh – did I say ball, I meant bullet! Their offensive line never let a white jersey even near Brady and their defense was all over the Broncos. Their win was much deserved. Their crushing was well played.