Friday Fun

These aren’t really funny, just in a shake your head sort of way.
In a “news” story about Obama wanting to combine a bunch of agencies, firing 1000 people and saving $3 billion dollars over 10 years we get this little opinion.

The timing of the move is likely to draw charges from GOP adversaries that Obama is focused on the politics of his re-election, rather than good policy. It comes on the heels of his fall jobs tour and less than two weeks before his State of the Union address. Aides have said Obama is eager to cast his efforts to spur growth against a Congress that the White House said is stuck in partisan gridlock.

If I ran the GOP, you can bet I would not be adversarial about merging agencies and reducing government. Is 3 billion going to help? Not much, but the move is positive. There is no reason to oppose this yet the report has already decided that it will be opposed.

Here is the lede:

The Obama administration said Thursday that rate increases sought by a health insurance company were unreasonable, and it ordered the insurer to rescind them or justify its refusal to do so.

You’re thinking….wow! Tough government. What are they going to do to that insurance company!?
3 paragraphs later you get this:

Cindy Gallaher, a spokeswoman for Trustmark, based in Lake Forest, Ill., said: “We respectfully disagree with the assumptions and conclusions drawn today by the Department of Health and Human Services. Our premiums are driven by the rising cost and increased utilization of medical services.”

Oh. Then I guess it’s over. Haven’t they now justified their refusal to rescind rates?