Did anyone really think the supercommittee was going to succeed in agreeing to something?

And does anyone really think that automatic spending cuts, (which will never really happen) which are really automatic lower spending increases, will be the end of the world?

And finally does anyone really think any of this is going to get us out of the woods of 15 Trillion dollars in debt, no actual budget, no thought to entitlement changes and no grownups willing to take the hit and make the populace suck it up and live with less?

Yeah – I didn’t think so.

UPDATE: John Podhoretz didn’t think so either.

The supercommittee triumphed in accomplishing what it was truly intended to accomplish.

It was created to kick the can down the road.

I think he gets this wrong though:

The notion of staging a revolt against runaway government spending by challenging a debt-ceiling hike was the dumbest to emerge from the right since the confrontation that led to the 1995 government shutdown. It won’t be tried again, thank God.

If more teapartiers get elected next year, I think what you’ll see is the old ‘fool me once adage’ in practice. They will not be willing to bend even a little bit because they will remember where that got them this round.

Another Bill

That’s right, we need another bill because there are not yet enough laws in the universe to stop everything that is annoying to each of us.

In order to keep airline prices “down” in the face of fuel price increases, they decided to start charging for bags. Because of that, people try to carry on everything. Now, you want to be the first onboard or you don’t get a spot for your bag on board. How annoying is that?
Let’s make a new law!!!
We really don’t have enough yet.

Passengers also were annoyed by fellow travelers who try to carry on everything they have, with more than two-thirds telling the U.S. Travel Association in a survey that they were peeved with “people who bring too many carry-on bags through the security checkpoint.”