It’s your own dang fault, whiner

There was a day when ‘Mercans were tough, strong, independent and willing to take risks to start businesses and hire people. Now we’re just scared whiney babies.

Americans see themselves as go-getters and risk-takers. Our optimism will ultimately rescue us. So it’s said. But the folklore increasingly collides with reality. The 2008-09 financial crisis traumatized millions. It swelled the ranks of risk-avoiders, worrywarts and victims. Of course, this was mainly a reaction to overborrowing, inflated home values and lost jobs. But now the fear factor is feeding on itself — and it’s smothering the recovery.

OR…….and I write this as someone who has fantasized about starting my own business my whole life, but who is definitely risk averse and has definitely quit this little fantasy for the time being…….
perhaps it’s that until 2014 no one, not one person knows how Obamacare is going to affect their business, their life, their income or their health. And until at the soonest 2013 no one has a clue what their taxes will be or how serious this country is going to take the debt crisis.

Between calling the “Bush tax cuts” the “Bush tax cuts” and not ….”current tax rates” and asking for more taxes on “the rich” without excluding small businesses, (let alone Obamacare) no one can plan farther along than the next month let alone come up with a new business with a 2-5 year plan of action.

Cripes, even der Spiegel is noticing what course this country is taking and recommending and calling is asinine.

The fact that Europeans are unwilling to comply with Obama’s strange logic gives reason for hope. It makes no sense to pile up more and more debt on already unstable piles of debt. The world doesn’t have too little debt, but too much.

Obama should retract his advice, or he might end up like the village judge in Kleist’s comedy.

Go ahead – make a plan, be brave. Hire new people, create new goods, don’t look behind the current. No one has a clue what’s behind it. We just all know it will open soon.