Two Hundred People Dead

Why are 200 people dead?

Hard to say as they are mostly part of an underworld drug culture that makes people like me a little worried about going to places like the Mexican border.

BUT when our government finances the purchases of the weapons used for these 200 deaths, so that they purposefully get sold to people in this underworld drug culture at the border to cross the border and they don’t bother to tell the government of the other side of the border about this great plan and where these weapons are going to, it certainly makes one start to believe that maybe what those crazies are saying about Obama not just being naive but actually, purposefully going after some crazy left wing agenda is right.

[To be clear I do not think that Cosmic Conservative is crazy. I just was surprised to read his post this morning and think to myself….he may be right] bold is mine

Drax, who comments regularly on this blog, has suggested for years that Obama is pursuing the Cloward-Piven strategy. I have consistently been skeptical of such overt socialist goals, although I have long conceded that Obama is clearly a hard left collectivist at heart. But I have not accepted the idea that even Obama would actively work to destabilize the American economy and government just for the sake of using the resulting crisis as a way to permanently transform the USA into a socialist state.

But then there’s Gun-Runner.

The more that comes out about this scandal the worse it looks. And the larger it looks.


It’s as if the people in charge have no clue…zero zip nada…..about what a dollar means.

“I’ll be in charge!!” says Obama. “Let’s see we need 1.5 trillion for this and we need 457 billion for that and you people over there need to find 2 or 3 trillion in savings. Got it. Excellent, I’m going to golf.”

He comes out with a jobs plan that is exactly like the stimulus plan. The stimulus plan that a) didn’t work and b) still hasn’t used up all the money in it!

Oh wait, lets get the sequence right.
He gets a debt limit increase with an agreement to find savings and/or taxes of 1.5 trillion dollars else an automatic cut will happen.

THEN he comes out with a jobs plan that is exactly like the stimulus plan only for 487 billion. The stimulus plan that a) didn’t work and b) still hasn’t used up all the money in it!

Then he comes out with a way to pay for the jobs plan through the tax code to raise 1.5 trillion dollars.

What the hell is it with 1.5 trillion? Does he know what 1.5 trillion is?
Does anyone? Does anyone even know what 487 billion is? I have no concept. And based on the idea that someone in the government says “I’ll save money by not buying everyone’s lunch and instead buying coffee and muffins” and they actually send over a freaking check for $4200 for 250 muffins I am guessing they don’t have a clue either.

Does this money add up to anything in our current state of affairs? No.
It is illustrative of how money is just tossed willy nilly about with no concept at all? Yes.