The Big Sum-Up

I bet you too have been wondering how everything will add up over the next few years. OR maybe you, like most business owners have decided to wait and see what reality looks like in 2014 before bothering to hire one more person.

Today the WSJ does a nice summary of all the proposals, when they expire, when they start and what they add up to.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Reading the News so you don’t have to

Just an fyi……

When the White House mentions that “Career staffers” in talking about the OMB and Solyndra, what they mean is “It’s George Bush’s fault!! He hired these people, not us!!!”

Click here for the story on the emails exchanged between the White House and the OMB while the OMB was trying to determine whether or not Solyndra was a good place to put taxpayer money.

And while you’re reading, if you haven’t read Rumsfeld’s book, I recommend it. In it, he talks of how trials concerning GITMO prisoners took forever and far far longer than he and the President were happy with. However they were told and they respected the fact that putting any pressure on the lawyers to hurry things along from people at their level was not only not a good idea, but that it wouldn’t look good to the public.
It’s true.

It doesn’t look good here concerning Solyndra.