We all remember Kelo and the land that the Supreme Court said it was ok for the government to take and give to a private business in order to upgrade and thus end up with more government funds due to upgraded tax dollars, right?
How’s that working out for them?
The piece of property is now a dumping ground.

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Al Gore:

As a brutal hurricane season bears down, former Vice President Al Gore says there will be worse disasters ahead if we don’t act soon—and when it comes to national security, Mother Nature is as fearsome as terrorists.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve found it a little entertaining to purposefully use more carbon just to see how soon is “soon”. Sure, we’re having a brutal year here, but Bangladesh has been clear. Maybe Mother Nature is just giving them a little break.
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He sounds like the UN. “You’d better stop or soon we will create a resolution!!!”
Because it’s only fair
I hate these stupid posts, but it IS only fair.
The Jawa Report has a video roundup of the the news post Gifford shooting. Obama is showing me that he is so scared to move that he can’t even think of crossing Hoffa to say….”hey, tone it down” after his big civility speech. And Hoffa is taking that as a green light.
Remember the days when Obama thought he could calm the seas? He actually COULD calm down the rhetoric on the left if he’d give it a try and be direct. But he won’t. That would take leadership, civility itself, and bigger than marble sized balls.