I can’t say I disagree

Business owner and blogger extraordinaire at Coyote Blog suggests that the latest regulatory ridiculousness coming out of CA is a great idea.


Because it will affect everyone (well, everyone with kids) and not just business owners. Then maybe, just maybe the knee jerk reaction to regulation will be “nyet”, not “yay, that’ll show the bastards”.

What’s the new regulation? Here’s an excerpt:

Under AB 889, household “employers” (aka “parents”) who hire a babysitter on a Friday night will be legally obligated to pay at least minimum wage to any sitter over the age of 18 (unless it is a family member), provide a substitute caregiver every two hours to cover rest and meal breaks, in addition to workers’ compensation coverage, overtime pay, and a meticulously calculated timecard/paycheck.


On why he speaks. Good for him.

“When I left the government in January of ’09,” he says, “I did not anticipate that I was going to be some kind of a public spokesman on behalf of those policies. I thought I had 40 good years in the business. But I found there wasn’t anybody else out there, and when they started talking about shutting down these programs, prosecuting the people who carried out these policies, frankly I got angry. That’s why I made the speech.”

Read the whole Henninger column.

Karl Rove – spinmeister

Mr Rove has a great piece in the WSJ about John Boehner.

This is what I love about Boehner:

Mr. Boehner may not be an inspiring orator, but he has moved the country and Congress in his direction. He has succeeded in large part because he had a more modest view of the post than his recent predecessors. In a private dinner last year in Texas, I was struck by his complaint that only a handful of people mattered in the Democrat-run House—namely, the Speaker and four or five other members. This wasn’t the way the Founders intended the House to operate, Mr. Boehner said, with more than a little passion in his voice.

He is no Nancy Pelosi.

And with Barry Jackson as his “Karl Rove” and the tea party helping to keep the conversation on track and Mr. Boehner actually listening to these people that others call crazy I think he’s going down as a great Speaker.

I’m calling this spin because this is a piece on Mr. Boehner, for Mr. Boehner, talking about Mr. Boehner’s wins and power. By redirecting what others would think of as weakness, Karl Rove does it again!

The Militant Chronic Fatiguers

Is the science of “Chronic Fatigue syndrome” not just a little suspect if those with chronic fatigue rise up to threaten death and destruction upon those who disbelieve the disease is real?

I’m pretty active and not too sleepy and I have a hard time getting the energy together to “rise up” to rant on the system, let alone to threaten death!

[To be honest, the article mentions it’s “activists” that are rising up, but in general people don’t get that riled unless it’s personal.]

ht Maggie’s Farm

There’s a lot going on

Not just in Libya, so don’t blink.

al-Qaeda is behind the attack on Israel. Al-Qaeda?

On Thursday, a team of 15 to 20 armed al-Qaeda terrorists (members of the Palestinian Popular Committees, an al-Qaeda affiliate) snaked through tunnels from Gaza to Sinai. From there, they hiked 200 kilometers over land, either ignored or facilitated by Egyptian army forces. They were thus able to sneak into Israel through the porous border at Eilat — porous because Israel has not needed to worry much about its Egyptian border for the last 30 years.

At around noon, the terrorists took up positions along the highway and opened fire at buses and cars. One detonated a suicide belt. In all, eight Israelis were killed and 30 more wounded.

Israel’s “regret” at Egyptian guards being caught in the later crossfire may not be enough for the new Egypt.

Eyes open everyone. As Tripoli falls, bigger weapons end up on the market.


Using the immortal words of Glenn Reynolds, I say “don’t get cocky”.

Today Maggie’s Farm links to the American Thinker on Republican Delusion.

Even most Republicans would admit that Ron Paul (foreign policy dove/nut), Rick Santorum (just google his name and homosexuality) and Herman Cain (the Muslim issue and lack of experience) can’t possibly win a general election, especially against a media darling like Obama. It also seems to be accepted wisdom that Newt Gingrich (his global warming commercial with Nancy Pelosi and his Paul Ryan comments) and Jon Huntsman (worked for and praised Obama) can’t possibly win the nomination.

This of course leaves Romney along with, for now, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry.
Regardless of what Tea Party activists will tell you, neither Bachmann nor Perry has any chance to defeat Obama unless there is an economic catastrophe or massive scandal between now and the election. This would be the case if both of these candidates didn’t hold policy positions (which they do) that the media will easily be able to use to make them seem far outside the mainstream.

This argument can be made almost entirely without even looking at their politics (a factor, by the way, which is becoming increasingly overrated as the electorate becomes more ignorant and frivolous). One need only see how the basic narratives of the general election would take hold with each candidate as the nominee to see that Obama would win, probably easily.

I know the right is sick of looking to “electability”, but I am less sure that’s a good sign.

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I actually liked him in Stargate Atlantis. He was the only reasonable person in Atlantis. All the others wanted to negotiate with everyone and Ronan would always think twice….”Wait aren’t these the enemy?”. No one ever listened to him thinking he was “muscle”.

Good luck as Conan today Mr. Momoa.