Osama news

The news is still all over the map. Go. Read. You won’t find much here because I know things are still being digested. However…..

1 – YAY to everyone involved!!!!! From the army who picked the bad guys up who ended up getting interrogated. To the CIA who asked the questions in the right way. To the President who made the decision. And to the SEALs who did the deed.

2 – NAY to Pakistani intelligence and military. I understand that we want to keep these guys open to us but sheesh people, it was bin Laden. We continued to drone you and give you cash as you protected the one guy we really really wanted?

3 – I know we have every right to pick on the left for being happy, and that they would never do the same for the right – but give them a break eh?
Give Bush the credit for all the steps leading up, but who knows, maybe if instead of EIT (and I am a long time supporter by the way) we used donuts, this would have happened years ago. ? Yes you can see cause and effect in hindsight, but you don’t get a chance to see othercause and othereffect in hindsight because it didn’t happen that way.
And as for the President, we knew who he was when elected. If he needed to sleep on the decision, that is who he is. Bin Laden was in place for years. In the end, he gave the order, just like he did with the Somali pirates and unlike the last big D President. Let him gloat a little. He’s a long way from re-election.


And in Other News

Expect hotel pricing in California to increase as cleanliness goes down:
a) they will be required to use “fitted” sheets thus making laundry and rapid bed making a bigger pain
b) they will be required to use long handled cleaning utensils so no more stooping on the floor and getting those hard to reach places.

I am an ex maid. I know these things.

There is a new study out from Europe showing that low-salt diets are ineffective in preventing all the things a low salt diet supposedly prevents. American researchers don’t believe it. (human studies are always tricky, read through for why they think the study is flawed)

In the meantime I loved this little spat between Dr. Briss and Dr. Alderman:

Dr. Briss adds that it would not be prudent to defer public health actions while researchers wait for results of a clinical trial that might not even be feasible.

Dr. Alderman disagrees.

“The low-salt advocates suggest that all 300 million Americans be subjected to a low-salt diet. But if they can’t get people on a low-salt diet for a clinical trial, what are they talking about?”

He added: “It will cost money, but that’s why we do science. It will also cost money to change the composition of food.”

Yes, let’s all rush out and force everyone into low-salt diets and force food companies to drop their salt content because……the research just “doesn’t make sense otherwise”. LOL