National Opt Out Day

Frankly, if you’re purposefully slowing down the line even though you travel once or twice a year and yet are frightened of the radiation or worried someone might “touch your junk”, I’m going to be annoyed at you and not TSA.

This was a reasonable post on the whole affair and probably the closest proximity to my undigested thoughts on it at this time.

UPDATE: Glen Reynolds makes sense too. I don’t fly enough to have a huge opinion here, but maybe a “frequent flyer” type of ID might be helpful too.

Awaiting Help from China in the DPRK case

Don’t count on it.

Here’s their front page today:

And from the Washington Post:

Our defaults are different. They’re seeing a South Korea escalating relations by firing artillery at the north and we see S. Korea forced into “high alert” while we face “tough choices”.