The paradigm is sooooo entrenched that you find it in the words of authors.

What paradigm is that? “The government has its own money”.

Check out this NYTimes piece on getting rid of the mortgage interest deduction. The bold is mine.

More than 35 million Americans claim it, and the federal government estimates it will cost the Treasury $131 billion in forgone revenue in 2012.

or there is this quote:

The rhetoric of tax-cutting so dominates the political debate in Washington that many elected officials are reluctant to acknowledge that the federal government devotes as about as much money to tax breaks — $1.1. trillion — as it does to discretionary spending.

“What this proposal does is stress the theme that tax cuts have the same effect as spending,” said Edward C. Kleinbard, a tax professor at the University of Southern California and former chief of staff of the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation. “It’s a theme people want to resist, but it is a fact. Giving a tax break without cutting spending is the same as the government writing out checks to people.”

Let’s try a new paradigm:
Any the money the government has is provided by the tax payers. The tax payers do not receive “checks” from the government when allowed to keep more of their money. And allowing tax payers to keep some of their money does not “cost” anybody anything.

Chris Christie is right. If you speak of the government owning your money, then you are basically advocating for the government. Change your words, change the world.

And what’s more, if someone with this paradigm were in charge of the government, I’d be happy to do pay more. However….this is the usual scenario. Please read the whole piece from International Liberty

If past behavior is any indication (and it is), politicians will spend any additional tax revenue. Whenever there’s a budget summit, the folks who want higher taxes make all sorts of empty promises about spending discipline. And when the other side caves in on taxes, they grab the money and have a party.

I believe we need to contribute to run the ship of state, but I also believe the ship needs to realize where it’s fuel is coming from.