Suspicious Packages

So both my sister and I were flying into DC yesterday when apparently all sorts of news was happening.
The Washington Post writes about it.

Coming just four days before the midterm elections, the latest plot also carries political implications. Obama officials have been careful to calibrate their tone on terrorism, refusing to raise the threat level or use what they viewed as the alarmist rhetoric of the George W. Bush administration.


This time, [vs Christmas 2009] the White House waited less than 24 hours. Obama himself delivered the news that both packages contained explosives during a rare, hastily arranged appearance in the White House briefing room.

Obama aides also faced a question from the Bush era: whether political considerations were at play in their decisions. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said the seriousness of the threat – and the discovery of explosives – should “put to rest any speculation that may be out there.”

White House officials said Obama was alerted to the threat at 10:35 p.m. Thursday.

British authorities had soon flagged a suspicious printer cartridge in a package on a flight stopping over at a UPS hub.

The fear that other packages with explosives might be heading to the United States prompted a flurry of activity Friday, including the search of planes in Philadelphia and Newark and a UPS truck in New York City. An Emirates airlines flight from the United Arab Emirates, carrying cargo from Yemen, was escorted into John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York by fighter jets Friday afternoon.

The package found in Britain contained protruding wires and a white powder. Brennan said that he didn’t know how that device or the one found in Dubai were to be activated and that a forensic investigation was ongoing.

And no one thought it would be wise to raise the threat level. ?? huh?

We live at the orange threat level every day. Forever. So there is a specific threat concerning airplanes and explosives yet we couldn’t just mix things up a bit and change the threat level up a pinch? 4 days before an election and politics trumps public safety in this administration. I realize the color coding is a national silliness, but adjusting it might have shaken things up a bit. Awoken people to be more aware etc, etc especially after all this time at orange.

As Glenn says “we’re in the very best of hands”.


Whew – I almost went in to vote yesterday, but didn’t have time before leaving for the weekend.

What’s more, I almost was going to vote for Tancredo.
He’s showing his ass again today. I have 4 more days to weigh.

In stump speeches being delivered in outlying parts of the state, gubernatorial hopeful Tom Tancredo inserted a racial component into a statements made by Barack Obama in 2008 [Tancredo changed “bitter clingers” to “bitter white clingers”] and called the president a bigger threat to the United States than al-Qaeda.


The election
I’ve been busy and not creative as we come to this election. I don’t really have much to say other than what I said last November. I think Longmont, my little burg, was a harbinger of things to come. Which means this is going to be a solid blowout. Right overturning left.

Read this post by the Jawa Report responding to an article in the Washington Post about Islam. Jawa was mentioned and defamed in the article. I’ve been reading this guys since they arrived 6 years ago and everything Rusty says is true.
He/They have been on the electronic front lines for years and deserve awards, not besmirching.

Power gone bad

Drudge has this story today of a man who busted his dog out of the pound and is now jailed.

So what happened to the dog? Euthanized.
What kind of dog? Poodle
Transgression of the dog? Being loose.
Oh – and the age of the owner? 73

Hydro police officer Chris Chancellor said ever since two pit bull terriers killed a high school student’s show calf three weeks ago, the department has been flooded with calls about unleashed dogs.
“We don’t have the manpower to patrol for loose dogs, but we act on every complaint,” Chancellor said.

Chancellor said there were numerous complaints about Fry’s dog. One woman complained Buddy Tough was coming to her house and causing a ruckus with her dogs.

In a separate incident, a senior fell and injured herself trying to get Buddy Tough off her porch one night. After that, a resident caught the dog and brought him to the police station, he said.
Buddy Tough had already been in the city pound once before. That time, Fry paid the $50 fine and had him released.

The pound knew the owner was in jail and they euthanized this dog anyway. That my friends is power gone bad.

Wikileaks – the new ones

Regarding the Wikileaks documents – I have only read of them, not read them but it’s appearing that one of our major transgressions is that Iraqis tortured Iraqi prisoners during a time when Iraq was officially sovereign.


From Jawa:

Wow. this is the big deal? And what was the US supposed to do if they investigated claims that the Iraqi government tortured its citizens? Invade? Yeah, I bet Julian Assange, the hysterical Left, and their Islamist allies would love that.

It’s the problem with America haters like Assange, Chomsky, and Osama bin Laden: it’s a worldview where America is always in the wrong, no matter what we do.

When we act, it’s evidence of US Imperialism. When we don’t act, it’s evidence of the US not caring about brown people.

Yes, I realize we’re supposed to be better and helicopters killing surrenderers is not good. But the big beef seems to be allowing a sovereign country to tortures it’s own. We’ll never win that one.

Friday Fun

Sadly, there will be no more calves unless I happen to see one while out and about. My source has dried up. But I’ve had requests for more animal photos – and I have animals to help with that.

We’ll start with the oldest.

This is Princess. (Yes, in case you’re wondering, every girl wants a pony named Princess.)

She’s 27 and has her winter coat on. She was kicking it up this day and never did pose in a lovely way for me. This is what she thinks of my blogging.