9 Years Later

It’s 9 years since that clear day in September and here we are where:

This 9/11 is more political and contentious than the eight before it, with grieving family members on opposite sides of the mosque battle.

“contentious”, “opposite”, “battle”

It sounds like there is good and there is evil here. I wonder which side this reporter puts 70% of Americans?

There is a narrative and it goes like this:

America is a diverse country of caring people who have differing ideas of what to do with an occasion like this. Many want to stay home with their families. Many want to go drink. Many want to spend time alone reflecting. And many just want to be left alone.
We all realize this and when Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf wanted to “build a religious center” near ground zero only to find out that others were dismayed at the idea, he decided to reflect on his decision.

Instead of knee jerk judgments of bigotry, there was understanding.
Instead of looking down on those who are put off on the idea of an Islamic Center, the President wrestled with pain people still feel during the continued war.
Instead of hateful threats of Quran burning as a response, the media ignored the few and far between whack jobs looking for their moment of fame and inflammation.

Instead of threats of death to Americans around the world, Imam Rauf spoke out about how in this country you don’t actually need to riot to say your peace. There is no need for mobs to back you up. Here you can just say it, or gather together peacefully.

Muslims the world over listened and said, whoa…..really? What’s that like?

Oh – wait, that isn’t the narrative.

You’ve heard the narrative “they’re” going with by now, but here, let me give you what our leader wants you to know.

Obama told a White House news conference that Sept. 11 would be “an excellent time” for the country to reflect on the fact that there are millions of Muslims who are American citizens, that they also are fighting in U.S. uniforms in Afghanistan, and “we don’t differentiate between ‘them’ and ‘us.’ It’s just ‘us.'”

I complained about the “Piss Christ”. I complain about burning Qurans. If it’s just “us”, then don’t I get to treat Muslim Americans just like I’d treat any other American? I’m a long way from ground zero, but much closer, I would complain if someone decided to put a youth prison near the site of the Columbine shootings.

It’s 9/11. It doesn’t have to be controversial and it doesn’t need to be a battle. The media has made it that way by reporting it that way and keep on with the narrative that says America is bad.

America, just like Muslim America isn’t “bad”. But we’re free and we have many to thank for that. Hug your mama’s and babies etc today because you just never know. The war is still on and there are still those out there that want us dead.

And many who don’t. (Insty links to a Muslim family who traveled across America)

My money is still on the side of freedom.