I’m Back! And timing forces me to start with the Speech

Welllllll – let’s see. What to say about this speech.
It had it’s moments.

*Talking about the troops in a faraway place fighting for people they’ve never met.
*Mentioned the “one constant”, which is the men and women in uniform.
*He mentioned civilians and other government workers who have been a huge and necessary part of rebuilding Iraq but who often don’t get a shout out.
*He mentioned George W.
*He mentions the Iraqi’s themselves.

Oddly enough – he never actually “thanks” anyone for what they’ve done. Other than of course himself who he acknowledges has now fulfilled a campaign promise.

Oh wait – we’re on the positives. Obama mentioned al-Qaeda enough times it got me thinking that maybe, just maybe, he’s starting to get it. He even mentioned Iraqi’s who have to deal with al-Qaeda. That would be awesome if he understood this.

But now lets “turn the page”.
I got the feeling of: Good luck Iraqi’s, we’re here to “support you” as we move forward with “confidence” and “commitment”, but I’m not sure what that means. Since the page is turned, I don’t think Obama want’s me to find out.

“Now, now that I’ve drawn down in Iraq, we have the people to go on the offense in Afghanistan.” Isn’t that nice?
What the hell have they been doing there all these years?

Anyway – we’ve all learned our lessons and the lessons learned are that a) Bush didn’t understand, but diplomacy works in international affairs, b) we can’t just work for our fears, but for our hopes too because c) as we work to expand freedom we have to start within our own borders
I swear he was going to mention Arizona there. But no. He went on to the middle class.

Because over the last 10 years (or did he say, the 10 years before he got to office?) our economic policies haven’t helped the middle class enough. Now we all have to work as hard as our military to make the tough decisions so that in the end a better life is within reach for everyone.

There – now you know about Iraq. Um – I think we won but I found that out on the internets, not from listening to the President.

UPDATE: This is fun. Ed Morrissey found the AP fact checking Obama’s speech. Apparently it was lacking even to the AP!!!

UPDATE II Marc Thiessen gets it right. (htJohn Kranz at Threesources)

The president said that addressing his domestic priorities “must be our central mission as a people, and my central responsibility as president.” In fact, his “central responsibility as president” is to defend the country. And his failure to recognize this points to a central difference between George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

My bold. I would say this is the central difference in philosophy between left and right. The left (in general) has all sorts of central responsibilities – few of which include protecting this country.