A Complete Outrage

I’m going on a blogging hiatus for July/August. Too many other things to do (ailing horses, new dog, visiters, traveling, plain ol fun) to be trying to interpret the news enough to write about it. Plus, I’m so outraged all the time – it’s exhausting.

Today we have one more as the government works to deport a person (Mosab Hassan Yousef) who has saved countless lives, helped Israel, and stood up for what he believed in even as an exmember of Hamas who is also the son of a founder of Hamas.

Please let us do the right thing.

From the Washington Post, Yousef and a friend write:

Mosab has lived in this country for more than two years. We were shocked when, in 2009, the Department of Homeland Security opposed his request for political asylum, all the more so when it threatened to deport Mosab in the name of protecting American security. If this decision is upheld, it will signal to the world that America does not stand by those who sacrifice to oppose terrorism. If America wants liberty to prevail in all places, it must not abandon those who share the ideals of freedom.

Gathering human intelligence in the war against terrorism will become impossible if the United States does not protect those who risk their lives on behalf of American values.

Mosab was born a son of Hamas, but he rejected his violent destiny and found the strength to choose a different path. But having left revenge behind, he faces possible deportation as payback for embracing the ideal of loving his enemy.

From the NYPost:

His family publicly disowned him; Hamas has privately promised retribution.
Yousef should be a textbook case for political asylum, but the Obama Department of Homeland Security sees it differently. Its briefs for his deportation allege that he provided “material support” for Hamas — with his book as the main evidence against him.
Yet the DHS’ briefs are laughably incomplete — for example, citing his leading of five Jordanian suicide bombers to a safe house while leaving out the key fact that he was setting a trap for them.
While DHS lawyers insist that Yousef was a Hamas member, Hamas issued a statement: “Mosab was not an active member of Hamas or in any of its military, political or religious branches, or any other body.”
Israeli intelligence agrees. In a sworn statement filed with a federal immigration court, Yousef’s Shin Bet handler said: He “was never a member of any terror group.”
What’s going on?

What IS going on?

Have a good summer.

Let the Dialogue/Spin begin

I don’t disbelieve this story that Americans are overtreated to death, but the spin of it says we should just learn how to die comfortably vs fight to the bitter end AND in the process test a lot of new procedures/medications that would never get a chance if we all chose to just let go as soon as a doctor told us it was time.

With Obamacare, the spin is going to have to be along the same lines. Less intervention for the old/real young/super weak/dying patients…it’s too expensive.

On a personal level, I’m ok with dying. BUT when I’m 90 like my great grandmother was and need a new hip, while everything else is fine, I sure hope the government “allows” it so I can continue to walk and be independent.

When the government holds the purse strings, they get to make the decisions, whether you like it or not.

Antibiotics in Cattle

Why? To cure disease?
No, not really.

To help them grow and make “farming them” easier by pretreating for diseases that are bound to be spread when farmed in manners that are not, shall we say, healthy.

The FDA is recommending not doing this anymore.
I don’t know how Jon Stossel feels about antibiotics in farmed lions.

I’m pretty certain that the end of the world as we know it is going to come in the form of antibiotic resistant bacteria. (it’s why I don’t bother cleaning house!)

The Pesky 2nd

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

There’s the amendment.

Here’s the NYTImes:

This began two years ago, when the Supreme Court disregarded the plain words of the Second Amendment and overturned the District of Columbia’s handgun ban, deciding that the amendment gave individuals in the district, not just militias, the right to bear arms. Proceeding from that flawed logic, the court has now said the amendment applies to all states and cities, rendering Chicago’s ban on handgun ownership unenforceable.

Ok – “plain words”? This has been argued for years whether the 2nd means individuals have the right or just militia. How can you call it “flawed logic” with 0 explanation for how your own logic runs? Especially when it’s contrary to the court and that’s what you’re writing about?


Once again, the court’s conservative majority imposed its selective reading of American history, citing the country’s violent separation from Britain and the battles over slavery as proof that the authors of the Constitution and its later amendments considered gun ownership a fundamental right. The court’s members ignored the present-day reality of Chicago, where 258 public school students were shot last school year — 32 fatally.

Isn’t that the court’s job? Ignore the specifics but go to the bottom line. Who cares how many people have been killed if you’re on the court. Your job is to interpret the constitution. If Congress has a problem with people being killed then there is a remedy. (change the constitution)

BUT until then – I’m pretty pleased that the Supreme Court is looking beyond the specifics of present day Chicago when it determines what the constitution means. I’m not from Chicago see.

I could write a more analytic column than the NYTimes editorialist AND appear to disagree with the court.


I had such admiration for President Micheletti last year. I did all I could to make certain the true story was out there.
I don’t think I have the energy for a new President looking for attention by calling last year’s legal removal of the old president a “coup” and suggesting that it might happen again to him.

However, I’ll point you all to the story.

I was wrong

Or rather…looks like I erred!

McChrystal and Staff thought they were speaking off the record.
Apparently this was not some highly intelligent ploy to garner some attention for what our men and women are going through in Afghanistan.

Here we go again….

Last year Jon Stossel had a whole TV show on how, if only we would farm endangered species then they wouldn’t be endangered any more. Look, see how logical he is? See how he can think outside the box in a libertarian/free market sort of way? Isn’t that clever. Now he has a new item concerning lion meat.

Let’s ask this guy.
Surely he should have an opinion. This is a moon bear. A farmed bear. He is farmed for his bile which humans like.

To facilitate the bile milking process, the bears are commonly kept in extraction cages, also known as crush cages, that measure around 2.6 feet x 4.4 feet x 6.5 feet (79 cm x 130 cm x 200 cm) for an animal that weighs between 110 to 260 pounds (50 to 120 kg).[2] While this allows for easier access to the abdomen, it also prevents the bears from being able to stand upright, or in some cases move at all. Living for 10-12 years under such circumstances results in severe mental stress and muscle atrophy.[3] In two model Chinese bile farms, HSUS reports that the bears are moved to the crush cages for milking, but the rest of the time live in a cage large enough to stand and turn around.[2]

Mr. Stossel – this is no joke. Look at that picture and tell me that is a bear. That is a crushed, broken down, beaten, barely living being. You should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting that “farming animals” will save them. [tangent – please donate to a great organization that helps these bears: Animals Asia]

Ooh – let’s look at one of the chickens you’re so fond of: Here we go- yes, that’s lovely.

By the way – just how many versions of chickens are out there anymore…? Pretty much the one that has so much white meat that they can’t stand up by the time they are adults. And by adult I mean 3 months. The famous White Leghorn for eggs and the cornish cross for meat:

Many pastured poultry producers see the Cornish crosses as having weak legs, excessive rates of heart attacks, a high incidence of congestive heart failure (ascites), poor foraging ability, poor heat tolerance, and other liabilities when raised on pasture. While most producers value their rapid growth, others find it unnaturally fast. In most pasture-based production systems, Cornish crosses usually produce a five-pound bird in eight weeks. Keeping the birds longer than eight weeks and allowing them to get larger can contribute to even greater leg problems.

Bison? Per Stossel:

The American bison are the best example. A hundred years ago, they were on the verge of extinction. They were hunted almost to extinction because no one owned them. It was the Tragedy of the Commons . No one owned the bison, so no one had an incentive to protect them.

First off – Native Americans did what they could to keep folks from killing all the bison. They were outnumbered and out gunned.
Why do bison work as capturees? Because 1) ranchers give them a lot of room and leave them alone. 2) they are herd animals that with enough room won’t bust down fences.

How about tigers? They’re like lions.
There are currently more tigers in captivity than in the wild. That should be fantastic according to Stossel.

The world’s entire surviving wild tiger population is somewhere between 3,600 and 3,200, conservationists believe.
In China, there are now close to 10,000 tigers on farms, says Ms Mills, while other estimates suggest the number may be around 5,000.
“These are speed-breeding factory farms,” Conservation International’s tiger specialist says.
According to her research, farm tigresses produce cubs at about three times or more their natural rate, bearing up to three litters a year. Cubs are often taken away from their mothers before they are properly weaned.
These cubs, she says, are usually made to suckle from other animals, such as pigs or dogs – their “wet nurse surrogates” – so that the tigresses can produce more young.
“The part [of the farm] which people rarely see is basically a winery in which the skeletons of grown tigers are cleaned and put into vats of wine,” says Ms Mills.

Isn’t this fun? Isn’t this exactly how we want wild animals to be in the future?

The good thing is, other than those straight by the book free marketeers the comments to Stossel have been in support to the animals.
Jk and Coyote – you guys are wrong.

Interestingly Marc Bekoff had a column out the other day differentiating between welfarists (those who are fine with humans using animals for food/education/entertainment etc as long as they are well taken care of) vs rightists (those who think that animals should have some inalienable rights).
There are obviously numbers people who are somewhere in between including myself but there may need to be a special category for those who think as long as the heart is pumping on the animal, we have saved it from extinction and they define that as good.

I’m obviously exaggerating here and I am certain Stossel does not recommend that “farmed” animals be treated like the bile bears and instead imagines them all treated like the bison. That is not how humanity works Jon. That is certainly not how the free market works either.

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General Betray Us

The Jawa Report and instapundit both note how Moveon.org managed to pull their General Betrayus spread down from their website asap yesterday.

As Glenn says:

Have you noticed how these people are always airbrushing? It’s kind of an admission that their stuff won’t sell if they tell the truth. . . .

People are still pushing the political naivete of McChrystal, but I’m not buying yet.