Health Care Reform for Indians

Apparently Indians are looking forward to Health Care Reform. They probably read the title and figured there would be reform for their government run health care system that is basically in the toilet.

American Indians in Montana and across the nation are celebrating a provision tucked into the back of last month’s massive health care reform law that they hope will boost the health of tribal members.
The last section of the final chapter of the 900-page bill, titled “Indian Health Care Improvement,” re-establishes the federal government’s responsibility to provide health care to American Indians.

If you read the article you’ll find that currently the IHS funds Indian healthcare so they get it for free, but it’s subject to budget shortfalls.
If you read the article you’ll find that with health care reform Obama has re-affirmed our commitment to Indian health care.
If you read the article you’ll find that while currently Indian health needs are often underfunded by 40-50%, the new commitment isn’t currently funded at all. It doesn’t put Indian needs above other government mandates which is why they are currently underfunded now.

I’m curious how that “trusting the government to take care of your needs” has worked out for Indians in the past and why they think things are gonna change.