Funny, Funny, Funny

On the same day that we get this hilarious re-cap of how our administration just needs to come up with better outside of the box ideas for our high unemployment situation we get a clearly not helpful (economically) requirement out of HHS.

Place nutritional information on the front of the box.

Take up advertising space, re-do your packaging, spend the company’s money all to assist “the busy shopper”.
I kid you not.

“Busy shoppers will be able to go into grocery stores and have some easy to understand information on the front of packages giving them quick data on what is a healthier choice,” said Sebelius at the U.S. Capitol.

Also instead of “self labeling”, Sebelius is going to require evidence based labeling of nutritional information. ie “This is food” ?

But back to the other clown (who you’ll want to read just to see al Jazeera’s insights into the American psyche).
Somehow the government is supposed to supply us with jobs…..yet his examples of thinking outside the box include small business coming up with innovative ideas.


The paralysis of thought stems from….Republicans. Somehow, though I can’t comprehend this paragraph.

So why the political paralysis?

Firstly, there are the easy answers to this question – the current debt and deficit anxiety that hangs over Washington (conveniently slamming the door on any new ambitious social agenda) results from the roadblock of a conservative Senate beholden to corporate lobbies.

‘splain please?

The Biggest Question concerning our Europeanization

Sure, we’d all love the hours of work, the months of vacation, the siestas, but the biggest question is, if we go Europe, then

Who’ll do America’s job?

From Jonah Goldberg. (read the whole thing)

Europe is a free-rider. It can only afford to be Europe because we can afford to be America.
The most obvious illustration of this fact is national defense. Europe’s defense budgets have been miniscule because Europeans can count on Uncle Sam to protect them.
If America Europeanizes, who’s going to protect Europe? Who’s going to keep the sea lanes open? Who’s going to contain Iran — China? OK, maybe. But then who’s going to contain China?
But that’s not the only way in which Europeans are free-riders. America invents a lot of stuff. When was the last time you used a Portuguese electronic device? How often does Europe come out with a breakthrough drug?


Just an fyi y’all because our papers haven’t mentioned it yet.

While this administration was failing to appreciate how democracy worked in places like Honduras, I bet you dollars to donuts it immediately recognizes the new coup leaders in Kyrgyzstan. Why? To appease the Russians.

These new leaders are working closely with our new Bff, Russian.

No sooner had presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev signed an arms reduction pact in Prague as part of an effort to “reset” strained relations than a senior official in Medvedev’s delegation urged Kyrgyzstan’s new rulers to shut the US base.

The official, who declined to be named, noted that Bakiyev had not fulfilled a promise to shut the Manas Air Base, and said there should be only one base in Kyrgyzstan — a Russian one.

Omurbek Tekebayev, a former Kyrgyz opposition leader who took charge of constitutional matters in the new government, said that “Russia played its role in ousting Bakiyev.”

“You’ve seen the level of Russia’s joy when they saw Bakiyev gone,” he told Reuters.