Gotta Go with the Links Today

If only because everyone else has one upped me.

1. Marc Thiessen:
Pelosi KNEW she had the power to influence CIA policy and yet chose not to stop the dreaded water boarding we hear so much about.

As a side note, I have to give Bush credit hear for deciding to listen to the House MINORITY leader’s concerns.

2. In an agreement at a conference on Afghanistan, or as Karzai called it “another important meeting on Afghanistan“, world leaders decided to pay Taliban fighters to come into their fold. Because once again, these doofus’s think that the only reason terrorism exists is due to poverty. They’re wrong. Again. And now they’ll be out millions because who wouldn’t “say”, oh yes, I’ve come in from the cold, pay me now.

3. Rush gives Obama some manly fatherly advice.

4. George Will on the SOTU speech.

4. LaGringa notes the new president of Honduras thanked every doofus that tried to hijack 2009 and did not thank the one person who allowed Lobo to get elected in the first place. This doesn’t portend well.

5. And finally, a laugh of the day as you watch Wyatt Cenac on the Jon Stewart show. Too good to skip.