Living within your own Head

This is a big category today. When I was 18 I didn’t know what I wanted to be “when I grew up”. But everyone said, “go to college, it will teach you how to think.”
I’m curious where all the evidence is of college educated thinking people is these days.

Let’s start with Hugo Chavez who is opening a group of discount socialist stores owned by the government.

“They’ll see what’s good. We’ll show them what a real market is all about, not those speculative, money-grubbing markets, but a market for the people,” said Chavez in his drive to change Venezuela from a market-based economy to a socialist one.
Chavez said the Comerso chain of stores will include “a network of subsidiaries” that will sell new vehicles directly imported from China and Argentina, “without capitalist intermediaries.”

“We’re going to defeat speculation. Private individuals in sales can still sell, but they’ll have to compete with us and with a people who is now fully aware,” Chavez said.

That’s right. Hugo’s government is selling imported goods to it’s people at much closer to cost than capitalists do. Which will lead to capitalists being driven out of business, which will lead to more unemployment and people in need of discount stores where goods are imported leading to manufacturers being driven out of business. Soon Venezuela will be just as happy as the Middle East, but without the cheap oil. It’s oil is actually hard to extract and not nearly as reliable. In what world is all this a good thing???? oh yeah – Hugo Chavez’s head.

How about Senator Nelson’s head? In what world would he think that making the concessions for 100 billion dollars for Nebraska vs religious faith would work? Does he not even know any Nebraskans?? Or how people disdain two faced hypocrites?

How did Nelson gain such leverage in the legislative process in the first place? Because many assumed that his objections to abortion coverage in the health bill were serious — not a cover, but a conviction.

Like Gersen,

I can respect those who are pro-life out of conviction and those who are pro-choice out of conviction. It is more difficult to respect politicians willing to use their deepest beliefs — and the deepest beliefs of others — as bargaining chips.

In a single evening, Nelson managed to undermine the logic of Medicaid, abandon three decades of protections under the Hyde Amendment and increase the public stock of cynicism.

Thanks Senator Nelson. You suck.

And now Senator Nelson is acting like he doesn’t really even want the money for just Nebraska. He had hoped to get coverage for all the states Medicaid programs. Because…..get this:

“Why should states be forced to pay for a (federal) unfunded mandate?” he said.

(ht threesources)

Yes, in his world, “why should the states…” have to pay for something the federal government requires……
as he votes to require INDIVIDUALS TO PAY FOR SOMETHING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT REQUIRES!!! What is wrong with him….oh – yeah, he lives within his own stupid head.

Let’s see, we’ve covered Latin America, and Health Care reform….how about Global Warming?
As in everywhere, people in Antarctica have gotten sick of tourists. Who doesn’t hate tourists. So they, those important research scientists who apparently arrive in Antarctica by transporter beam, have decided that 40,000 tourists a year are causing the ice caps to melt. But not them. Research is good.
Even the NYTimes has noticed the lack of thought in other people’s analyses. Today in a story about UCLA’s end of life care costing twice as much as the Mayo clinic they mention a study about how all this money doesn’t do much good, however:

Remarkably, it [the study] pays no attention to the ones who survive.

Ooh – and let’s not forget this little file on putting helicopters down in Wilderness Areas. You know, those areas set aside as actual, not Disney like wilderness.
Why are they going to do this….? Because they need to put collars on the wolves. In the wilderness. HUH?????

Let’s go back to global warming. Drudge linked to this story about pets being worse than SUVs as far as carbon footprints are concerned. How do you get out of this problem?

“Everyone should work out their own environmental impact. I should be allowed to say that I walk instead of using my car and that I don’t eat meat, so why shouldn’t I be allowed to have a little cat to alleviate my loneliness?”

Things have gotten so bad that this woman has to justify her cat ownership by suggesting she walks more than other people.
Good Lord. These Global Warmists somehow use their own examples of how life should be led without realizing they could do “better”. Ted Kazynski’s lifestyle should be the epitome of how we all should live and if we don’t, we need to make excuses for our choices just like that woman has been forced to do by those who are holier than she.