Honduras – Still!!

Good Lord, I thought we were done with Honduras and could move on to health care or something!

Apparently not.

First off, like I told you yesterday, the OAS is STILL messing with Honduras.
But LaGringa watched the OAS meet and you should hear the new ambassador there from the US:

In her first official statement on her very first day, Ambassador Lomellin began to read a statement in a shaky voice. The statement began by condemning not ‘the coup’ but “Zelaya’s expulsion from Honduras …. not because he was removed but because of the way in which he was removed”. Read that carefully. That is a huge change from previous US statements. “Every country has the right to remove an official who abuses authority or breaks the law.”

Yeah Ambassador Lomellin!!

Then you need to hear the Panamanian Ambassador Guillermo Alberto Cochez. But go, read LaGringa. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, the Cochez stuff starts near his photo.

Also – Zelaya has been working to get out of Honduras and into Mexico. Or has he? Yes, no, yes, no.
Who the heck knows.

And finally – my local Longmont paper ran this Ana C Perez article on Honduras. It was so filled with inaccuracies, I was compelled to respond, and what do you know….they printed it as a guest commentary!

My thanks to LaGringa where I quickly found source materials to back up my “column” since I really have no credentials myself other than being an intelligent reader of actual news vs a believer in whatever some columnist says.

Below the fold is my response to the Perez column. (the paper doesn’t keep columns online for linking): – Click here for more;