Yes, it’s back to climategate vs emailgate because it seems the Russians are behind the hacking.
The Russians are “actual” scary vs fake scary like the US is, so the subject of the email hacking will soon be dropped.

Anyway – Ace of Spades has a great post up today with many links.

Since there is no raw data and climate scientists are all saying “this means nothing, there is still human caused global warming”, my question has always been, just what DID you do to the data.

Climate Skeptic, gives a civilian example.

Let’s say you had two compasses to help you find north, but the compasses are reading incorrectly. After some investigation, you find that one of the compasses is located next to a strong magnet, which you have good reason to believe is strongly biasing that compass’s readings. In response, would you

1. Average the results of the two compasses and use this mean to guide you, or
2. Ignore the output of the poorly sited compass and rely solely on the other unbiased compass?

Yeah – you and I would choose 2. Apparently global climate scientists chose number 1.
Riddle me that one eh?