There you have it. 111 to 14. Congress, Honduras’ Congress has decided that Zelaya is not to be reinstated.

The crisis is over unless you are Zelaya and he needs to determine whether or not its safe to step out of the Brazilian embassy.
The crisis is over unless you are Brazil and aren’t sure what to do with your own government decree that it will not recognize any new president of Honduras from now until forever I suppose since Zelaya did not get to be president again.
The crisis is over unless you just want to prove your leftie bonofides and continue to not know what to do with a tiny little poor country who has said….We will follow our own laws. If you don’t want to recognize us, ….ok. Good luck with that.

LaGringa now requests that Honduras “be allowed” to return to how their own laws of the land work. It’s time for Micheletti to return until its time for Lobo to step up.

The people have spoken. The congressmen elected by the people have spoken (current vote is 74 to 10). We are ready to have our president back. We need Micheletti. He makes us feel safe against the outside forces who continue to menace Honduras.

We need for the US to quit interfering in the sovereign country of Honduras. The Honduran people are tired of the interference, the lack of respect, and the ridiculous demands which you should have been making to Zelaya instead. Basta ya!