The U.S. State Department says Sunday’s presidential election in Honduras was a significant, but insufficient step, to end to political crisis that began there in June with the ouster of President Manuel Zelaya. U.S. officials are stopping short of recognizing opposition candidate Porfirio Lobo as the country’s next president.


What does the US State dept want?
“”It must follow a process of national reconciliation through a government of national unity,” um…done. By Micheletti withOUT the cooperation of Zelaya.

What else?
“Valenzuela said the Obama administration seeks implementation of an OAS-backed settlement plan, including the creation of a truth commission on the circumstances of the coup and a congressional vote set for Wednesday on whether Mr. Zelaya will be returned to office to complete his term, which was to end in late-January.”

done also. The vote is happening tomorrow. Zelaya said he won’t return EVEN if congress votes him back in, which they probably won’t as the Supreme Court has said, “don’t do it”.

What the hell else does this government of mine need from Honduras that it isn’t getting???
What the hell reason does it have for NOT recognizing this overwhelming and fair election, yet congratulating Ahmadinejaad and his completely contested election??
How is it possible for Obama the saint to continue to need to stroke the egos of the lefties when he’s the one with all the information and could easily make a solid decision and stick to the damn thing??

There is something seriously fishy going on with our government right now as it affects Honduras.
Honduras…..strap yourselves in because you are being taken for a ride. Do whatever you can to become completely independent. You need to. Venezuela threatens and the US is apparently no longer on your side.


Ht Gateway Pundit