It looks like people are getting their backs up again in Honduras. Not good. (via, LaGringa, again!)

Today in a telephone interview with Radio Globo, Zelaya was confident that he will be reinstated, though he declined to give details. He announced that the dialogue was concluded, not suspended. He confirmed that the world will not recognize elections and that Honduras is without an ambassador or consul in the world. [google translation]

I’ll be waiting for an announcement from the US State Department or OAS tomorrow. It’s not looking good.

The US Housing Crisis

Of all the items in the world that the United Nations can spend it’s time on, it’s decided to investigate US housing or lack thereof.

At a town hall meeting last night in Morningside Heights, residents wept and shouted at Ms. Rolnik. They complained about deteriorating public housing, the lack of housing subsidies for AIDS patients, landlord harassment and many other issues, large and small.

She told them: “I am representing the right of adequate housing as a human right.”

One advocate and resident of public housing, Agnes Rivera, wept after telling Ms. Rolnik that Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg “doesn’t care about the poor.” Rob Robinson from Picture the Homeless, a local advocacy group, embraced Ms. Rivera and gazed toward the special rapporteur. Later, Ms. Rolnik hugged a resident herself. [thereby proving how much she cares]

Once Ms Rolnik discovers that housing is too expensive in NY for normal people to live what happens?

After that, “We send off letters to governments to ask, ‘Is this true? What’s going on?’ and to please intervene,” she said.

I wonder if she realizes that here in the US of A a person can move to another area if they want less expensive housing. ie NY, NY average rent is $2,959, but Binghamton, NY is $1024.

The unemployment rate in NY, NY is 10.3% while in Binghamton it’s 8.4%….

Maybe the UN could investigate other refugees than people in the US complaining that there is “stigma” associated with public housing.
And what about this woman who for 20 years has had a landlord who has been “trying to push her out” and yes she “has no one to help” her???!!! 20 freaking years? Maybe that poor landlord needs his/her own human rights help.

Across the United States, residents may tell her the same stories as those of New Yorkers — of mortgage scams, too many luxury condos and the stigma associated with public housing.

“We have no one to help us,” said Delores Earley, 73, who said her landlord has been trying to push her out of her Harlem rent-stabilized apartment for 20 years. “Somebody has got to know.”

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