Healthcare Reform

This was the smartest thing I’ve read about health care reform. From Megan McArdle.

t’s no good saying that well, we should try to be more like the Netherlands–you can’t build a system on the assumption that you will, suddenly and for no apparent reason, be able to import someone else’s political culture. Progressives are watching the whole health care legislative process with utter dismay as it produces a monster of a bill that not even its mother could love–and trying to love it anyway, on the grounds that it’s a start. But this ridiculous hodgepodge, this hypertrophied Rube Goldberg apparatus, is not some startling aberration of the political process, induced by some Republican dark magic. This is the kind of thing the American political system produces. This is why all of our programs have a substantial element of the inexplicable and bizarre.

Greg Mankiw explains how marginal tax rates will be going up with this health care reform especially for lower middle income people. Not exactly what Obama ordered.

And Alan Reynolds discusses the old Joe the Plumber situation. Redistributing the health.

All the leading proposals involve massive redistribution from people with healthy lifestyles to those who take more risks. As the Congressional Budget Office explained, “Premiums in the new insurance exchanges would tend to be higher than the average premiums in the current-law individual market . . . because the new policies would have to cover pre-existing medical conditions and could not deny coverage to people with high expected costs for health care.”