How to talk with Muslims

This is a link to Protein Wisdom where Jeff Goldstein continues to back up his claims about words meaning what you communicate, not what the listener chooses to hear. (he goes back years on this, though the blogosphere is aburst with his thoughts of late)

The link through goes to a guy who suggests “10 terms not to use with Muslims” because they get the meaning wrong.

Because they’re lame?
Because they’re idiots?
Because they only listen to words and not the intent behind the words and the words mean different things to Muslims than to the dictionary?

The author says that he’s figured out these terms with his Muslim friends.

I know this is sacrilegeous, but I’m going to move on to dogs. When you have a dog and he/she is a problem dog, it doesn’t hurt and it will help if you learn his language and learn how to listen to what he’s saying to you through his movements.

Going through a door first….I’m in charge.
Licking your chin….you’re in charge.
Wagging with his tail a little to the right…..happy dog
Wagging with his tail a little to the left…..nervous dog

etc, etc.

Humans, if you crouch down over your dog to hug him, his natural world says that’s an aggressive move.
If you pat him, instead of pet him. Aggressive move.
If you share you food with him….wimpy human.

The thing is your dog isn’t an idiot. He’s going to try to get away with things, but if you are clearly master of your domain letting him out the door first will not change that dynamic. If you clearly love and spoil your dog he may not like getting patted over petted, but he’s not going to think you mean him harm.

Dogs work to understand us, just as we work to understand them…..which brings me back to Muslims.
They are human beings for crying out loud. My friends know I don’t appreciate cussing around me – yet I can clearly interpret when they mean ill by it and when it just is what it is…no big whoop.

Muslims can handle it if you use the word ‘freedom’ and mean freedom vs when you mean to “imply an unbound licentiousness”. So Mr. Seiple, please note…your friends probably aren’t that good of friend vs unable to handle your words.

Sheesh – give the folks some credit will ya!


First: make peace with your enemy and release some of their people who you’ve captured.
(kissing their butt is not required, but a nice touch on the way out the door)

Pakistani authorities have released 12 Taliban militants as part of a peace agreement with Islamist in the northwestern Swat Valley.

Second: await attack

The brazen occupation of a Pakistani police academy Monday by heavily armed gunmen near the eastern mega-city of Lahore was the latest indication that Islamist terrorism, once confined to Pakistan’s northwest tribal belt, now threatens political stability nationwide.

Third: Feel free to expect that the attack came from your peace pact brothers.

The top Taliban commander in Pakistan is claiming responsibility for the deadly attack on a police academy in the country’s east.

Got back to step one and repeat the process.

The Washington Post hasn’t gotten the update about the Taliban claim yet.

No group has asserted responsibility for the attack, but Pakistani experts said the most likely source was Lashkar-i-Taiba, or Army of the Pious, a militant Punjabi group.

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