First off, the plan for veterans to use private insurance for service related problems made the front page of the Washington Post today. Rahm Emmanual is meeting with some veterans groups and this thing is going to go away because there is NO WAY that it can go anyplace. If Obama, who has been idiotic enough to bring this up – twice – already, brings it up again, well then start watching those approval numbers drop. Even the Huffington Post knows this.

UPDATE: David K. Rehbein was apparently in that meeting with Obama the other day. He seems to think that Obama seriously intends to go through with this. Once again – thank God for our system of government, because there is no way in hell Congress will pass it.

Sadly – our forces get to continue their tours working for this guy. I suspect there will be fewer re-ups until he’s gone, gone, gone.

Russia and our “image”
Scott looks at our lovely new situation with Russia. The one where they re-arm and we decommission.

AIG Bailouts
On the AIG bailout outrage. You do have to laugh a bit. The bailout, the stimulus, the budget, the mortgage bailout….all of these numbers are soooooo immense people just go about their business and let the government handle things.

What’s a trillion dollars anyway? Oh, it’s a lot of money, but that’s what Obama says we need to fix this problem…..

But a million? Oh – people know what a million dollars is. We all want a million dollars and we all know how we’d spend it too. That’s why there has been such an outcry. All of a sudden a lot of money has come down to the ranks of understanding.

Imagine if there had been this wailing on about the actual money that’s been flying out of our pockets before this little bit hit the headlines!

Dinocrat shares how “Not” to fix the financial system.

Ed Morrissey sees the worst of both worlds and suggests a bit of thought go into the next bailout. Thought that may lead to bankruptcy.

The Washington Post suggests that there is a new way to do business and business needs to learn how it works.