Hope and Change baby, Hope and Change

In the Audacity of Hope, Obama notes:

that in foreign policy “our record is mixed” and calls for the U.S. to be more multilateral in dealing with other countries. He favors U.S. policies that “move the international system in the direction of greater equity, justice and prosperity.” Furthermore, when we follow the “international rules of the road,” he says, we send a message that “robs terrorists and dictators of the argument that these rules are simply tools of American imperialism.”

One of the problems the left has had with this country is our double standards. We had to attack Iraq but we let Darfur slide. We push for democracy but let Saudi Arabia into our inner circle.

On that note today we get an article in the Washington Post about toughening our standards for trade.

The Obama administration is aggressively reworking U.S. trade policy to more strongly emphasize domestic and social issues, from the displacement of American workers to climate change.


…the administration vowed to make tougher labor and environmental standards prerequisites for trade deals.

So in order to

“move the international system in the direction of greater equity, justice and prosperity.”


The trade representative’s office also stated that trade policy must now contain a new element of “social accountability,” including on issues such as climate change. “We should aim to make trade a part of the tool kit of solutions for addressing international environmental challenges,” the statement said.

however the Chinese, who’s money we need get a pass on all the new “standards”.

Hillary Clinton: Chinese human rights secondary to economic survival

This is either a sign that human rights are also secondary to global warming, or it’s a sign that Hillary Clinton has so little say so that the administration is searching for ways to make her look like an ass.