Iraqi’s came out in droves (Sunnis included) to vote today in their provincial elections.

Iraqis are electing new provincial councils in the first nationwide vote in four years, with the Sunni minority expected to turn out in strength

Awesomeness!! Congratulations to all who worked to make this happen. May Bush’s vision of a democratic Iraq be lasting.

The Washington Post:

“I came early because I feel this election is very important to reward the officials that worked for Iraq’s unity and reject sectarianism,” said Ghania Aboud Jasim, 60, after she voted. “I am here trying to change the situation of my country.”

You can just feel the excitement. Coolio!!

Cars/Global Warming/California and Standards

Today Rich Lowry notes how in our bizarro world we are bailing out GM and Chrysler, while also “punishing” them by allowing California to set their own fuel standards on them.

Even California admits that the new strictures will add $1,000 to the cost of vehicles by 2016. (The carmakers estimate $3,000.) So, GM and Chrysler will struggle to shed labor and legacy costs – just to see new regulatory costs imposed on them by the very political authorities that are putting taxpayer dollars at risk to save them.

Holman Jenkins of the Wall Street Journal notes

the American industry takes a hit on the cheaper, lighter cars it manufactures at its high-cost unionized plants to comply with CAFE. It makes such cars profitably overseas and could import them back here to the US to meet CAFE standards – if Congress didn’t forbid it from doing so in a naked pander to the United Auto Workers.

California wrote new regulations years ago. They were to require 10% of all cars to have zero emissions by 2003. It didn’t happen.

Back in March CA reduced their new standards for zero emissions by 70%.

The board will require the automakers to sell a combined 7,500 zero-emission vehicles from 2012 through 2014, a 70 percent cut from a previous mandate of 25,000 vehicles.

Make all the regulations you want California. You get to be known as the green state with the highest standards, while not actually doing a dang thing.