Big City EcoBusiness meets Small Town Western Land Owner


The man who came to Elsie Bacon’s ranch house door in July asked the 71-year-old widow to grant access to a right of way across the dry hills and short grasses of her land here. Ms. Bacon remembered his insistence on a quick, secret deal.

Ms Bacon didn’t go for it.
Instead she joined up with some neighbors, created an association, figured out what a fair market value would/could be and are negotiating.


Scott has it right on the money.

It doesn’t matter if it was al-Qaeda or any other terror group, it was Islamic militants using violence against civilians once again to try to attain their goal of a global caliphate. It doesn’t matter if it was Lashkar-e-Taiba, Ansar al-islam or Hezbollah, the simple fact is they are targets that must be hunted and liquidated.

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From CNN:

U.S. troops killed during humanitarian mission in Iraq