Today’s contest. Use the title word in a sentence.


I know, you have questions. Me too. Mrs. Know has the answers and they all involve some sort of illuminati.
Welcome Mrs. Know to this blog. In all your comments yesterday, I’m still unclear as to whether or not you think I’m a member of the leftist illuminati.

Aww, the “News”

In a hurry this morning, but I needed to link to this Hot Air story on Governor Palin’s wolf management system.

Personally – I am conflicted about a lot of this stuff.
1) people use stats to get what they want
2) in general nature balances itself out without human interference
3) stories like this aren’t usually the whole story.
ie What is the percentage of wolves now dead? What percentage of bears were killed? How fair is it to kill one but not the other? etc, etc
4) since when has the government ever been very good at managing anything. (they were the first to manage wolves out of existence in the lower 48)

it goes on.

But here’s the sentence that cracked me up in this “news” paper.

As ugly and as politically incorrect as the wolf killing might seem to some, they said, the helicopter gunning that took place earlier this year saved caribou, especially young caribou, from being eaten alive.


That’s right. Those evil wolves will eat babies alive!!!!
No people, those wolves are doing what they’ve always done. It’s called nature. Shooting from helicoptors is called “government management”. Starvation or no, I’d rather live in nature. Commenters on hotair disagree.