Links on the Election.

Today we find our first casualty of an Obama win. At least I can only assume so. The Diplomad has been deleted. Since a diplomat’s job is basically to support state policy, I can understand why he/she might have wanted to disappear. Maybe to show up again under a different alias??
One can only hope.

I loved this quote out of the Washington Post this morning. This is in regards to removing troops from Iraq. The 16 month time frame….

Months ago, Obama said he would like to withdraw American troops within 16 months of taking office, but as the security situation has improved, he has stopped citing that time frame.

Right. LOL Obama has stopped citing time frames BECAUSE the situation has improved. Or maybe it’s because he actually had a chance to be the President? Or maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to be the President who lost Iraq? Or maybe it’s because once he had his base hoodwinked, he no longer had to play that game. I realize the authors aren’t actually connecting an improved security situation to Obama no longer citing 16 months, but they are certainly leaving that impression.


From The Jordan Times today we learn that they too believe in the “magic” Obama will bring. Regarding the selection of Rahm Emmanuel and his proIsrael stance:

All we can do is wait for additional signals to be sent by the US about its new direction and hope for the best. Wait for the change Obama has promised and that maybe, just maybe, could magically come to this part of the world to make it peaceful and prosperous.

Yes, peace and prosperity!!! Both. By magic!!

Oh – and there will be more babies too!

“I watched Obama’s acceptance speech, heart – and loins – swelled alike,” wrote Mia on the blog.
“My loving man gave my hand a squeeze, and I was filled with a wondrous, deep and primal desire to embrace him and celebrate life. And even – now that we have a prayer of creating for them a worthy world – to make life, to make babies.”