The New Narrative

Apparently now it’s ok if the US, under Obama, attacks failed states.

From Claus Christian Malzahn of Der Spiegel:

Mumbai a terror zone, and India bitterly points its finger at Pakistan. The unloved neighbor needs all the help the West can offer. Pakistan is nearly a failed state — and a US invasion under President Obama can’t be ruled out.

You betcha Claus. Did you just volunteer to help out with money and blood??

Gay Marriage and Black Women

Someone stop this guy before he hurts himself with all his gyrations!!!!
Today in the NYTimes, Charles Blow announces that it isn’t black men who oppose gay marriage. No, no, no. It’s black women

And why? Well, just look at the numbers. Black women can’t find enough black men to marry them so they would of course oppose black men marrying each other.

I kid you not.

Marriage can be a sore subject for black women in general. According to 2007 Census Bureau data, black women are the least likely of all women to be married and the most likely to be divorced. Women who can’t find a man to marry might not be thrilled about the idea of men marrying each other.

Because then they’d be more likely to marry women??? Huh? Because gay men are “catches” for black women??? Huh?

Let the “Larry Summers” attackers go at it!! Oh – no, nevermind. I bet you anything he gets a pass.


How can you not hate terrorists? And if everyone hates them, who would want to be one? And yet here they are. Once again.

My heart goes out to India. It’s awful what they are facing. From the Hindustan Times comes a sad, sad truth.

It sounds flip and glib to say that these attacks constitute India’s 9/11. But that, in fact, is the truth.

The significance of 9/11 was that it made Americans conscious of the danger they were in and aware that nothing was safe; that terrorists could destroy such powerful symbols of American prestige as the World Trade Center.

In our case, 26/11 has had the same impact. By striking at the heart of prosperous and largely peaceful south Bombay, the terrorists have served notice that there is nothing they cannot do, and nowhere that they cannot reach.

(ht Scott, again. Who has a post worth reading itself, with many good informative links as well as his commentary.)

This was the most ridiculous news I heard on these attacks. And from Amir Taheri who I’ve always taken for being intelligent and thoughtful though a bit quick on the draw.

Earlier this week, for example, Pakistan President Assif Ali Zardari announced his readiness to settle the dispute with India over Kashmir, promising an end to a conflict that has led to four wars and countless terrorist campaigns over the past 50 years.

On Wednesday, terror organizations that do not wish the Kashmir problem to be solved offered their opinion of such a shift, in the form of a series of coordinated attacks against sensitive targets in Bombay (Mumbai), India’s business capital and the engine of its recent economic takeoff.

Yes, somehow Mr. Taheri has connected these horrible attacks that clearly took a lot of planning and coordination with an announcement made this week from Zadari.

Jules Crittenden with Bill Roggio quotes notes that this took long term planning. (lots of links there too) It certainly wasn’t arrived at in the week since the Zadari announcement.

Anyway – you’re in our thoughts people of India and especially Mumbai.

Big City EcoBusiness meets Small Town Western Land Owner


The man who came to Elsie Bacon’s ranch house door in July asked the 71-year-old widow to grant access to a right of way across the dry hills and short grasses of her land here. Ms. Bacon remembered his insistence on a quick, secret deal.

Ms Bacon didn’t go for it.
Instead she joined up with some neighbors, created an association, figured out what a fair market value would/could be and are negotiating.


Scott has it right on the money.

It doesn’t matter if it was al-Qaeda or any other terror group, it was Islamic militants using violence against civilians once again to try to attain their goal of a global caliphate. It doesn’t matter if it was Lashkar-e-Taiba, Ansar al-islam or Hezbollah, the simple fact is they are targets that must be hunted and liquidated.

And be sure to keep track of the latest narrative:
From CNN:

U.S. troops killed during humanitarian mission in Iraq

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is coming on the heels of that great vacation in Yellowstone. Thank you Lord that I am healthy enough to go, well off enough to pay for it and was blessed with good weather, a good group and tons of wildlife to watch.

This year has brought blessings in the form of 2 new temporary dogs at my house as a friend goes overseas for a more in depth turn at helping to take care of all of us. Thank you.

The family (including all the pets) is good and healthy and stable and I love them all. Thank you.

While it was great to be away from electronics, I still love this internet and am thankful for not only the rapidity of news these days but also all the interesting perspectives/analysis from regular folks around the world. Thank you all who blog/write/comment all over the internet.

While the economy is tanking with houses etc, personally I am thankful for the stability in my own life. I don’t have the worries that many do right now. Wisdom or dumb luck? who knows, but I’m thankful for it!

And now, being the only ‘kid’ of my parents 3 who live near both of them and their families, I get to spend the day amongst people who I will love forever. Thank you.
Living here in the US and under the care of our service men and women I am blessed even without all the above.

May your day be filled with Thanksgiving for all of your blessings too!

Links – Enjoy!

Just a few quick ones.
Here’s a way to test whether your blogger is male or female. Apparently, there’s a 75% chance that I’m male.
(ht Scott, 88% male.)

I suspect their calculations include the fact that most political bloggers are men.

JK discusses moral ambiguity as it relates to pirates. And construction workers. Here, lets throw in lobsters too.

You know, I think we can add Thomas Sowell’s column from today to this section on moral ambiguity. Entitled: “Politicians, CEO Pay & the Tale of Boris’ Goat”

Here’s a stupid headline of the day by Gabriel at Ace of Spades. It made me laugh.

In Saudi Arabia they are banning some of Qtub’s books.

I’m Back

And may I say that 8 days without any electronic connection to the outside world was kind of peaceful.

The trip was amazing. I went to help a wildlife study of scavengers on carcasses created by wolves. Who shows up first? who shows up last? who chases who? what’s that eagle waiting for? how many ravens can fit on that tiny peace of meat? when the coyotes wake up will they go back to the site? ooh – look, a young wolf, will the coyotes hold their ground?
Then on to the carcass itself. Teeth? ground down. Marrow? Healthy. Male/Female, skin pulled back? how much fur is left? how long is the metatarsal?
(ok – my part was just counting scavengers every five minutes, not working on the questions above!)

VERY VERY cool stuff. And when there was no carcass to keep tabs on? Listening to speakers, going for walks, searching for wolves.

There is a lot of interesting dynamics going on with the packs right now and I was lucky enough to see some of it in action. You don’t always get to see wildlife. It’s not guaranteed but we saw wolves every single day I was there and twice a day on 6 of those 8.
There was a grizzly still awake and gnawing on a carcass, foxes were out, and of course the elk and bison.

This trip was through the Yellowstone Association. (yes, JK, privately funded! Actually, I’ll add their site to my “give” section. They really do a great job.) I recommend all of their learning programs. This “Food for the Masses” one was especially awesome as it was 7 nights staying right in the Lamar Valley.

The dark, the cold, the wild, the education was well worth the time. They even did something a lot of animal folks don’t do. They spent time talking about the opposition to wolves in Yellowstone. It’s a real problem to ranchers around there and many are selling their big swaths of land to developers who’s buyers will probably be an even bigger problem to wildlife in the big picture than any rancher with a rifle and a wolf to kill.

Excellent job YA, excellent!!