Morning After the Debate Wrap Up

I have no idea which debate Rich Galen was watching,

ohn McCain won. Period. Full stop.
I absolutely think that Barack Obama was not on his game.

but apparently it wasn’t the one i was watching with Rich Lowry.

Barack Obama must have awesome powers of concentration. He kept his attention last night from wandering onto measuring the White House drapes and drawing up invitation lists for state dinners.

I like Hugh Hewitt’s take but his take is in Hugh Hewitt style and who wouldn’t vote for him?

McCain lost me on style/tone so his answers sounded unpracticed, and uncertain. This was his final debate and he came in the room unsteady. Why? For both of these men debates should be a cakewalk. The only problem being how to find the time to get in the extra information after answering a question. McCain spent time talking to get in the xtra information and then turned to the question. Obama talked steadily/and with a regular rhythm that made him sound sincere.

Obviously he wasn’t. But does everyone know that?

Why McCain couldn’t sound steady/strong while talking about American straight up values and business etc is beyond me. I suspect he’s been told what a good debater he is so he never really practiced.

The good news? Obama pollsters are afraid of Palin. (ht BTL)

We’ll see.

Wrap up

Obama made himself sound reasonable/sane/reasonable in his radicalism.

McCain made himself sound like one of his advertisements. He never sounded confident. Even after he was looking like the cat who ate the canary.

Caveat – I scour the net for stuff every day. I’m not sure if McCain really came across this way by people who don’t know all about what he was talking about. To me, he did not “appear” like someone I want to be President between the two.

I’m voting for JG. That commenter from the live debate knows what’s going on and can communicate it.

The Final Debate

Q8 The state of education in this country.
Obama – this has to do with national security/primacy etc. More money or reform. He wants both. ECE/more pay for teachers/ in exchange for accountability. College has to be affordable. $4000 tuition credit each year in exchange for service. Parents have to do more too.
McCain – Choice and competition is key element. Reward good teachers.
Fewer exams for teachers. College loans/repayment programs to work.

Should federal govt play a bigger part?
O-yes NCLB has no money in it. focus on ECE and more money for teachers. charter schools.
M-another little story about vouchers. I’m done.

Q7- Roe v Wade litmus test for Supreme Court justices
McCain – I’m a federalist. No litmus test.
ps I was part of the gang of 14 but Obama didn’t.
I voted for Ginsberg/Breyer because they are good judges, not because I agreed with them.
I’ll find the best and go forward. I would consider anyone in their qualifications. If you’ve supported Roe v Wade you probably wouldn’t be qualified.

Obama – no litmus test. Fairness and justness is most important. Roe v Wade in balance. Roe v Wade was rightly decided. We can all disagree but women should make their own decisions. The constitution has a “right to privacy” in it.
Got distracted what happened to roe? Now we’re on pay?

OMG – Obama just brought up a brand spanking new argument for voting against life saving treatment for born alive infants.

Q6 – Healthcare costs/expenses
Obama – folks who are laid off are desperate. If you have a plan you don’t have to do anything, though we’ll try to lower costs. We’re thinking $2500/yr. If you don’t, then you can buy into federal plan. No discrimination on preexisting conditions. More money into preventive care. Bummer, he sounds good.
McCain – I have a heart too. I can make lists too.
Bad answer for why his plan would be better. I have no idea why.

Obama explains McCain’s plan better and why his would be better.

McCain brings up Joe the plumber again. Obama will take your money and give it to others for their plan. 95% will get present benefits, AND $5000. This is good for most people. But what about Joe the plumber. he doesn’t have benefits now that someone else is paying for. Average 5800 per mccain but 12000 per obama. Truth??

Obama has a look that says “I know everyone agrees with me, I’ll just let him ramble.”

Q5- How much can we reduce foreign energy imports during first 4 years.
McCain – we can reduce it out from Middle East and Venezuela, but keep Canada and build nuclear.
Easily within 7-10 years we can eliminate our independence in these places. How about in first term?
Obama – in 10 years we can eliminate our independence in Middle East and Venezuela.
No more borrowing from China for Saudi Arabia.
1. (anyone who numbers their points in a debate is good. It’s helpful to keep up)
Expand domestic production. Oil companies need to use the leases.
off shore drilling too. ? We have 25% of reserves and use 25% of world’s oil. geothermal/solar/cars/etc.
Ooh – but then he only had one point. Now he’s on to trade.
Wants to advocate for America’s trade talks.

McCain -Complements Obama on his “words”. See: “look” at offshore drilling. Free trade agreements. Training programs for workers. Brings up the Columbia situation
He’s incoherent compared to Obama. Obama needs to travel more.

Obama – wants safety for union stuff in Columbia vs just giving away all in spite of human rights. Pres must enforce unfair agreements. Auto makers hammered. We do have to hold them responsible for producing cars that are efficient.

Q4- VP’s
Obama – Biden fights for the little guy.
McCain – Palin is a reformer. Breath of fresh air to capital. Sweep out cronyism. Um – wouldn’t Obama do that?

Obama – Palin is capable politician. Commendable with special needs which by the way will require money. Spending freeze? Good one Obama.
McCain – Biden is qualified, but he’s wrong a lot. ps – Obama always says we have “spend more”. Why is that? 860 billion of new spending. Obama cool in the background.

Q3 Are you willing to save to each other’s face what campaigns have said?
McCain first. It’s been tough. If Obama could have had townhalls we would have talked a lot. So yes, the tone could have different. He regrets negativity of both campaigns. Brings up Lewis. Brings up that he repudiates and points at Obama for him to repudiate Lewis. Says that he’s telling the truth. Says Obama spent more money on negative ads than anyone. Brings up public financing. Good one. Brings up Hillary. Good one.

Obama – 100% of McCains ads have been negative. ?HUH? Accuses McCain of saying that “because there weren’t townhalls, he had to run negative ads”. Not quite dude. “I want to talk about issues.” But politics as usual doesn’t work. What about Lewis?

McCain – Watching football. Points out specific ads on stem cell and immigration and Obama’s lies. Unprecedented $. Joe the plumber. Good answer.

Obama – Lewis was troubled. No Barack, Lewis called McCain/Palin racists. Lewis says we have to be careful. Tit for tat. McCain is cranky (but at least not nervous anymore!) but Obama is sounding sound.

McCain – jumps in . He’s mad at obama for dissing the rally goers. The point is, McCain repudiates. obama doesn’t.

Obama – can’t really answer. Most important – to solve problems today we have to work together. And that we disagree without being disagreeable. Can’t characterize each other as bad people. Culture in DC.

McCain – jumps in. I don’t care about Ayers, but as Clinton said we need to know more about Ayers/Acorn/no Wright. These things count.
Obama responds. Ayers is the centerpiece of McCain’s campaign. Ayers is a professor. I’ve condemned his bad acts. Annenburg funded by Reagan. (good move there Obama) Brings up other Republicans. Ayers not involved in campaign. ACORN – paid people to register. My involvement was years ago with motor/voter law. He’s so ‘cool’ that he’s pulling this off.

McCain should have said that the ONLY reason he has to bring all this up is because the MSM won’t!!

Q2 How do you expect to reduce the deficit with your plans?
Obama – fyi 750billion rescue will end up getting taxpayers their money back. Subsidies to insurance companies in medicare. He wants to go through all programs line/line/page/page. he believes in pay as you go. Make investments now which will save on medicare/medicaid. Make investments in energy, save late. Make investments now in education, save later. He is sounding good.
McCain-back to homeownership and another effing story.
WHY??? Obama basically agrees with him on this????????
What is the matter with him?????

What is his specifics? Oh – here we go. Spending freeze Defense spending. Marketing assistance. Ethanol. Eliminated tariff from Brazil. Aircraft mfg. Line item veto. Brings up Obama’s pork. Good.
But he brings up the little things.

Obama – Freeze? no some programs are underfunded. Earmarks acct for 1/2 of 1% so it’s not the problem. (frankly I’d go with earmarks like the guiliani broken window philosophy) Ooh – he brings up to blame Bush. McCain=Bush.

McCain – I am not President Bush. It’s about time. Talks about budgets and taxes. He’s sounding mad now and that’s a TON better than the nervousness at the beginning. (but bullshit on the balanced budget in 4 years) Mentions Obamas votes on the budgets.

Obama – says “everyone” disputes what McCain just said about his votes. claims he doesn’t follow his party and then mentions independence from other people, not his party. Then claims McCain=Bush
Obama never answered the question on the deficit.

McCain – I am not Bush. I am not GOP

Q1 Why is your economic plan better than his.
McCain – Wow he looks uncomfortable.
Brings up Fannie/Freddie – good move. But he doesn’t follow through with the fight and wants the fake floor on the housing market because of F/F. Explains how his homeownership plan will help all home owners. Completely lame. arghh

Obama – The 700billion plan was good and I pushed for some regulation on it. Good move. However middle class not part of it. 1-focus on jobs 2-help families now with the “cut” and IRA access 3-homeowners too Doesn’t want to give money to banks though. Instead re-negotiate 4-long term. infrastructure, health energy

McCain response brings up the plumber. He’s talking too slow. There’s a lot to get in here and it sounds like he’s burning up time. Why on earth is he so nervous???
Obama response talks about the tax policy. Centerpiece of McCain is 250billion to big companies.
He, Obama wants cut for 95% of Americans.
98% of small businesses make less than $250,000. ??
McCain “spread the wealth” Thank you. However he’s sounding like an ad. He needs to sound like a president who believes in capitalism.

Obama – cut taxes for 95% of Americans. My friends like Warren Buffet can pay.

McCain….FINALLY – we have the 2nd highest corporate tax rates in the world. Finally!
Point Obama

Brought to you from a local Obamacamp.