The U.S. of A.

So like many others, I too keep looking at the polls and feeling dejected. What kind of country to these people want?? I speak with friends and they like Obama for the “change” or because of the “economy”.

I feel like giving up. McCain certainly isn’t trying as hard as I would like to see. The GOP isn’t exactly a party I agree with and fiscal conservatism hasn’t been seen in a long, long while.

But where would you go? I’m serious? We can’t let this country go because there is no where else even close to my description below. Is there?

When I think about this country I think about a spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship and charity. I think about individualism and not relying on government for life. I know a lot of it is hype. People bring up “Atlas Shrugged” all the time, but the railroads were
a) given tons and tons of land and
b) the government protected them.
They weren’t “built on their own”. The west and it’s tough rancher image is given leases for grazing livestock on public lands while wild animals are shot to protect the “pastures” of these public lands.

But still. The image resides. And I like it. That’s the country I want to live in.

When broke, I never thought someone else should pay for my needs. When comfortable, I want to give my money to who I want to give it to. Sure, “spreading the wealth” is a fine idea, if I get to decide where to spread it. Why do some people think that they know best as to who deserves it?

This has never been a nation with the “tall poppy” syndrome. Instead we celebrate success.

“Good for you!!”

has been the attitude as long as I can remember. Why is that changing? Who is looking at those with wealth and thinking

“It’s so unfair!!. They should give me some of it!!!”

Why do people want so much for nothing and not realize that it isn’t nothing?

I’m ok with raising taxes for things like infrastructure/defense/debt. The deficit is huge. But it should come with new tax laws where everyone writes a check. No more automatic withdrawals. Instead see what you’re paying. Feel what you’re paying.

And it shouldn’t be to “re-distribute” the wealth!! Not through rebate checks in order to decrease taxes on 95% of the people, or to pay for other people’s houses.

Tonight’s giveaway, oh wait- I mean debate, will hopefully not be yet another list of the ‘freebies’ each candidate will provide. It’s time one of the them got serious and got a clue about who this country is or rather who this country is in my mind!

I doubt that’s going to happen.

I’ll be liveblogging from a den of D’s. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: From well known commenter of Ithinkthereforeierrerr dd we get this:

Note to everybody who can’t stop moaning that it’s all over and we’re going to end up in Room 101 with rat-cages strapped to our faces
What you’re feeling right now is not natural. It’s the result of prolonged exposure to harmful radiation from a highly toxic, media-infected presidential campaign. Symptoms may include nausea, sweating, constant checking of poll results, dizziness, fever, irritation at glaring double standards, coughing, Googling, loss of appetite, bewilderment at a world seemingly gone mad, vaginal dryness, and Drudge.

Fortunately, this condition, known as Allahpecia, can be cured quickly and easily: Dr. Jim prescribes 24 hours of cold turkey.

Read a book. Rake some leaves. Watch that Netflix DVD that’s been sitting on top of the TV for a week. Get some actual work done. If you’re really jonesing, you can even resort to talking face-to-face with another human being. (If it drifts into politics, though… split!) The important thing is to avoid all of this crap for one whole day. It’ll still be here when you get back.

You can do it. You have to do it. Doctor’s orders.

But before you go. Really, truly, seriously. If you think that they’re right? That this is all over? Listen: They are trying to psyche you out. Don’t be too proud to admit it’s not your idea.

There’s no shame in falling prey to this vicious, heartless, relentless emotional assault. It’s tough to avoid it. Day in and day out, they’re trying to wear you down. But they can’t make you a victim unless you let them. Are you gonna give them the satisfaction? Are you gonna go out like a Frum? A Brooks? A Buckley? A… for God’s sake, a Hitchens???

Not me. No way. It’s not over, for one simple reason:

That’s what they want.

Now get outta here, you knucklehead. See ya tomorrow

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UPDATE II: Vodkapundit introduces power into the mix and I don’t disagree.

Libertarians/Conservatives like “Jay” and myself underestimate liberals/progressives — and what we’re guilty of is projection. But when we’re drunk and honest, we have to admit: We’re effing pikers. To restate more plainly: We don’t want power, and don’t know how to wield it. We’re pikers.

Progressives have no such qualms. Given power, they’ll take more and they’ll exercise it ruthlessly. Look at the Democrats in Congress these last two years. In not even 24 months, they’ve sunk to depths it took the Republican Congress six or more years to sink to. Their unpopularity levels are even worse than the Republicans’ in 2006. And what will happen in November? The Democrats will win seats — because they know how to wield their power to deliver the goods to please their corrupt, greedy, grabby, needy base.

Read the whole thing. He makes a good point.

UPDATE III: Good Lord it must be “explain ‘merica’ day today.

Here is Kat-Mo at AceofSpades explaining Joe Six Packs wants to those who don’t understand why he doesn’t want a handout or as it’s called now, re-distributed wealth.

UPDATE IV: And from Mark R. Levin of the Corner today we get this beauty as a suggestion McCain might have said during the last debate but didn’t:

“You know, Senator Obama, you’re just another tax-and-spend liberal … actually, let me amend that, you’re just another tax-and-spend socialist. Most Americans don’t think their government should be ‘spreading around the wealth.’ They think hard-working people should get to keep most of what they earn. They’re willing to pay their fair share in taxes to do that which the government is supposed to do. But they are not willing to fund all the five year plans and scores of schemes and your favorite groups like ACORN. They don’t like the NEA destroying their school systems, ACLU-type judges running their country, and anarchy on their nation’s borders. They are also patriotic people, and they resent when your Senate leader declares a war lost when we have young Americans winning the war on the battlefield. And you could not bring yourself to stand up for those troops and distance yourself from your leader. Americans are a great people and while they may need a helping hand from time-to-time, they don’t want you running their lives. That’s not the way our country works.”

More on ACORN

Scott notes how ACORN’s helpmates are working to ease American’s fears that the voter registration fraud is a real problem. He just missing a 0 in the contribution from Obama. It should read $800,000 vs $80,000

CNN takes note of the link too. I’d like to note how in the video Obama seems to think that it’s a point of contention that his $800,000 went to ACORN during the primaries, but not during this election. I would submit that if he saw fraud during the primaries and hence chose not to give money during the general, then he damn sure should have said something about it!

And Ohio must now check all registrations for fraud.

ACORN has consistently claimed that they hire these temp workers who get lazy about registering people so they make up names to get paid. They insist this will not result in fraud at the polls and that this can’t be stopped.

If ACORN a) fired anyone who brought in a fraudulent registration or b) quit paying by the registrant, it would be stopped.

Fraudulent registering can/will lead to fraudulent voting. Imagine all those ACORN absentee ballots out there.
Like I said yesterday, I would vote for Reid/Pelosi/Obama if they would come up with a voter id plan for the nation.