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I’m sure you’ve all see the video of Obama speaking honestly with the plumber by now. Obama thinks that the plumber, no matter how hard he works to get ahead, should share what he earns with others in order to “spread the wealth” and give a hand up to the guys behind him. AND Obama thinks that the plumber is NOT the person to decide where he should share his wealth. Oh no. Obama can decide in the best manner who should receive the earnings of Mr. Plumber.

The NYTimes today writes about where Mr. Obama is going to spread the wealth. Much of it is to go to “victims” of the fiscal crisis.

In an address here, Mr. Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, proposed giving employers a $3,000 tax credit for each new hire to encourage job creation. He said he would seek to allow Americans of all ages to borrow from retirement savings without a tax penalty; to eliminate income taxes on unemployment benefits; and to double, to $50 billion, the government’s loan guarantees for automakers.

Not to mention the latest idea of a rebate check to boost the economy because it worked so well in May.

But don’t talk about any of these socialist ideas because if you do you are fanning the flames of racism. How do I know? Because E.J. Dionne among others has let me know. In a column today Mr. Dionne accuses McCain (yes, McCain!!!) of not standing up against fanacism.

The last thing we need is a campaign that strengthens fanaticism, tarnishes the authority of the next president and whips up the worst kinds of prejudice. This works both ways: Obama should not be delegitimized if he wins, and McCain should not want to win in a way that would undermine his own capacity to lead.

Bull. McCain is constantly admonishing his supporters. And frankly I find it all bullshit. Dionne asks what “terrorists” besides Ayers is Obama “palling around with. Um – how about Dohrn?? Yes, EJ that’s 2. Not just 1. Hence the s.

Jonah Goldberg says that Obama is getting off easy BECAUSE he’s a black man. And I don’t disagree. The “otherness” that Palin speaks of was also said about Kerry and Gore and Dukakis. McCain has made it a point to calm audiences down and NOT bring up anything that might maybe possibly have to do with race (such as point out that Obama hung out with the known racist Wright). Jonah believes that were Obama white we wouldn’t be tiptoeing around all his crap right now.

He has nontrivial ties to an unrepentant (and white) former leader of the Weather Underground, a radical leftist organization that sought to kill American soldiers, policemen and politicians. But it’s “racist” to bring that up? (If anything, by not attacking Obama’s ties to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and other politically unsavory nonwhite associates, McCain is self-censoring for fear of seeming racist.)

If Obama were a white Democratic nominee named Barry O’Malley, the GOP would be going after him twice as hard. But many liberals would still caterwaul about fomenting hatred and racism, because that’s what they always do.

In other news, ACORN continues to stick a knife into the heart of American elections.

If Obama/Pelosi/Reid promised to pass a bill with national voter id standards for elections, I would vote for all three.