The Debate (now that I’ve watched it)

First off – the word I heard from friends and relatives last night is that all is lost, McCain was horrrrrrrible and Obama came off as presidential.

I would not go nearly that far.
McCain did fine. No knockouts, no gloves off, no real pushes. Those knockouts/gloves off/pushes are where mistakes happen. Where Obama then gets a chance to respond, call McCain a lyer and then he’s the one looking bad. I think he did fine.
I heard McCain didn’t answer a single question. That’s not true either.
He didn’t answer a lot of them, but neither did Obama. (and may I add, that Obama pulled a “I won’t answer these questions the way you want me to answer them Tom, instead I’ll respond to McCain’s last point”. Palin was far more honest at that and I appreciate that).

Neither of these guys sparkle. Neither of them. Biden and Palin sparkled all over the place and Palin the most. I appreciate a little life.

2 bizarro world things.
1 McCain buying up mortgages where housing values have gone down. Say what!!!?? Let me get this straight. The bank loans me money for $200,000 for a house. The house is now worth $100,000. McCain is going to have the govt buy the house for $200,000 then sell it to me for $100,000? Where does the $100,000 disappear to? You can say if we’re bailing out WallStreet we ought to bail out homeowners but with Wall Street we have the potential to make our money back. McCain’s plan disappears money!! And how will it work? We’ve all now lived through the easy money times AND most of us took smart advantage of it. ie second homes. refinancing for college/vacation/cars. So I think we mostly know the scoop. Why is it now a requirement to let everyone off the hook using my money because frankly I bought my home before the big increases in value. (and by the way I used what I suppose must have been subprime because I only had 3% down-though great credit)
McCain lost a ton of support with this Hail Mary. It was stupid but hopefully lost because it was at the beginning.

2-Obama-kept talking about the middle class and cutting taxes for the middle class and that’s going to cover 95% of Americans. ??? Do the math and you can easily see that a lot of this is a give away to the poor. He kept on about fairness and I’m not sure how many people think it’s fair for the rich to pay greater than their fair share of taxes.

On how can you be trusted, they both had good answers but I think McCain really stressed that of the two he’s the one that has worked on both sides of the aisle. If you’re an undecided independent that may be important and I think he finally got that across.
If you don’t like McCain because he is no Republican, then you’ve got a problem. At this stage he’s probably going for the independents so this probably wasn’t a horrible move. Even noname is going to hold his nose and vote McCain.

Priorities –
McCain hedged. Obama went with energy as number 1. With oil prices continuing to go down I suspect others, like me, have quit stressing about oil/gas. Maybe I’m wrong here.

American Sacrifices
McCain will cut program. Obama asks for nothing from people. He wants the people to pay attention to their own energy use but the government will help them with it. Increasing fuel standards, subsidizing winterizing, et all.

blah – blah, blah.

McCain claimed Obama doesn’t want nuclear without super duper safe spots for waste. Obama denies. Obama needs change his very own website then.
McCain claims Russia invaded Afghanistan, but it was the Soviets. Obama claims he warned the world about Russian peacekeepers in Georgia in April. He did not. He did talk of Georgia in April. blah, blah, blah. Obviously it did no good.

blah, blah….Pakistan. McCain is correct on this one. Obama’s a bloviater.

General Impressions:
I expect politicians to lie. I do. I’m also Ms Rosy outlook.
I think McCain did better than Obama.

Why? Both were dull/lifeless. McCain is an old man. Obama isn’t. What the heck is his problem?
Obama kept needing to respond to McCain’s “lies”. Since we the people expect everyone to lie, including Obama, this was unnecessary and annoyingly annoying!
McCain made a good heartfelt honest impression when talking to the Chief Petty Officer. That looked good.
Obama never did look like he “connected” with any person.
McCain saying “My friends” is annoying”
Obama saying “I’ve always said…” is flat out disgustingly irritating.

World views – Obama thinks the government can fix everything, if only the government had it’s priorities straight.
McCain thinks the government can fix things as long as both sides work together and he’s the only one with a proven record of doing that.

Hopefully McCain doesn’t think all he said last night.
We already know that Obama does think the govt can fix things.
So who knows.
McCain didn’t lose it and Obama sure didn’t win it.

On to the next one!!

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Further recommendations. Keep Sarah Palin out there. She sparkles, she’s a conservative, she’s not apologetic for her beliefs and yes I think those are all good Presidential qualities.

The Debate

Sadly (sadly?) I haven’t watched it yet.

I hear it was not good. I hear it was dull. I hear McCain has decided to renegotiate mortgages. I hear that Obama is lying liar. But smooth at it.

I’ve been searching for video but am only getting snippets. I want the whole thing. Otherwise you don’t get the “sense” of it. The 9 minutes I saw McCain didn’t seem as awful as I’ve heard.

I’ll let you know tomorrow what I think.