Peter Beinart: “It’s true because I say it’s true.”

This column struck me as amazing this morning. It’s concerning the election and Mr. Beinart is suggesting that Barack needs to take up the question of race, ask for affirmative action by class and then win the discussion on race.

That’s not the amazing part.

But it is going to be about race, at least in part. That’s the lesson of recent weeks, when the McCain campaign brought up race (on the pretext that Obama had brought it up first).


Race will be central to this campaign because McCain needs it to be. He simply doesn’t have many other cards to play.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. McCain has too many cards to count in this race. I’m amazed he doesn’t lay them all down at once except that the ‘underdog’ usually gets some sympathy press anyway.

The history of post-Vietnam presidential elections is littered with Democratic nominees who thought they could run on policy and ignore symbolism.

Would that be the John Kerry, “I’m a war hero” campaign?

Think about it this way: Many of the voters who right now won’t vote for Obama because he’s black would probably vote for Colin Powell even though he’s black. That’s because they don’t see Powell as a racial redistributionist, a guy who would favor his community at their expense. There’s no rational reason to believe Obama would, either.

“no rational reason…” “NO rational reason……”? How about his church? I don’t actually believe that he would, but NO Rational Reason??


I don’t even think that Obama believes this crap.