Racism and Global Warming

While Nancy Pelosi works to “save the planet”, she is making things worse for the planet.


1) She hasn’t come up with any plan for us to reduce energy usage, just not to find our own. Where does that lead? To having others find energy for us and then sell it to us. [link to Charles Krauthammer and worth a read]

at what
2) SHE considers to be fair prices. Because if they aren’t, then she’ll sue.

and how does this all equate to racism?

LaShawn Barber thinks it doesn’t, but I would respectfully disagree.

Since Nancy and the Democrats would like to see all energy capture (along with it’s destroying of the environment) done overseas and out of our back yards where we actually have the capability to do this as cleanly as possible, and since overseas, where there exists oil and uranium etc, tends to be the Middle East, South America and Africa where people are darker skinned than Nancy, and since Nancy wants to determine what price these darker skinned people would have to charge us English speakers here in the US and I can only suspect she would also sue if said overseas countries chose to sell to Asian countries instead of the US since the Asian countries may well be willing to buy at a higher price without sueing and since they too “look” different than Nancy, that yes, Nancy and the Democrats version of global warming is definitely racist.