This Election

John McCain won the nomination mostly because independents were voting in tons of the primaries. Independents no longer trust “the right” and they turned to McCain because he’s not as ideologically tied to the right as others. (Fred Thompson)

He won the nomination. To win the election he doesn’t need to go right.
Fred Barnes (a smart guy):

Last weekend, Fred Barnes argued on Fox News Sunday that John McCain “needs to energize the right” by focusing on gay marriage and gays in the military. Otherwise, “he’ll lose.”

No freaking way is that going to work.

John McCain needs to re-advertise his “maverick” status. He is not George W Bush 2. He’s not tied to the GOP. He IS a dedicated public servant who has a degree of integrity in his beliefs.

No one is going to agree with him even 75% of the time, but the American people appreciate integrity which seems to be the main ingredient missing in the Obama campaign.

Obama talks, everyone listens, no one knows where he stands.
McCain talks, no one listens, yet everyone knows where he stands.

I am pretty much an average run of the mill, middle of the roadie kind of person. I don’t give a rip about gay marriage except to think that it’s fine. Kirsten Powers is spot on.

Gays and lesbians make up an estimated 5 percent to 10 percent of the US population. How much damage can they do by committing themselves to one another? They certainly can’t do worse with marriage than heterosexuals have.
The New Testament says that marriage is between a man and a woman, you say? Yes, it does. But it also prohibits divorce, adultery and all sex outside of marriage. When are Republicans going to introduce a constitutional amendment banning divorce?

Forget gay marriage John. Talk about your stands. It doesn’t matter if people agree with you. You voted for campaign finance reform because you believed in it. Now talk about it. And especially as it relates to Obama. etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Why? Because you win hands down on integrity no matter how many marriages you’ve had.

UPDATE: Excellent ad.
“Don’t hope for a better life, vote for one.”

A Few Links

From Powerline who is up in arms that Nancy Pelosi’s name is sitting on the FARC’s computers and no one is demanding an explanation. Me too.
Free Speech via Iraq the Model
Actually they could use a hand with their project. Click through for various places to give.

This project is now facing the danger of being shut down because we couldn’t find resources to pay the firm that hosts the service…the network will no longer exist by the end of the month, unless we find a way to save it.

We hope that the lovers and supporters of free speech and democracy will help us find the resources necessary to keep the project alive.

The Economy
The economy sucks sooooo badly here that people have brand new worries that were never worried about before. Baby boomers get “Phit”.
The Environment
G-8 Leaders have vowed to cut emissions in half by 2050 when they’ll all be dead and unaccountable. They refuse to vow to cut emission by 0.1% by 2010, but then they’d still be alive at that time.