Climate Change Police

Scott was kind enough to read and pick apart the latest bit of ridiculousness brought to you by Global climate “experts”.

Expert James Hanson blames lobbyists for our continued dependance on greenhouse gases.

“The problem is not political will, it’s the alligator shoes – the lobbyists. It’s the fact that money talks in Washington, and that democracy is not working the way it’s intended to work.”

But Scott suggests:

Perhaps Hansen needs a refresher on democracy. In his world, a democracy is when everyone votes the way he prefers. By the way Mr. Hansen, this is a Republic, Google it.

Mr. Hanson would like to make it a crime to deny that climate change is happening. Since climate change always happens I’m sure we can say you’re an idiot if you think differently, but a crime??? Against Humanity and Nature. I suspect he only means human powered climate change anyway.

Good luck with that court case there. I’m sure George W. Bush’s Nazi America will be happy to start prosecuting thought crimes and I’m sure you’ll just go right along with it, praising this president. ROFL.
[to be clear, I like George Bush. And I don’t believe for a second that he’s turned this country Naziish.]

Obama’s War on Terror

Obama’s War on Terror, fought in the courts is a losing battle.
Scott Johnson of Powerline gets a New York Post column today detailing this. After going through who’s doing what post WTC 1993, and including the lawyer who aided and abetted those in prison, he notes this Obama quote:

He explained: “I mean, you remember during the Nuremberg trials, part of what made us different was even after these Nazis had performed atrocities that no one had ever seen before, we still gave them a day in court and that taught the entire world about who we are, but also the basic principles of rule of law. Now the Supreme Court upheld that principle.”

Oops. At Nuremberg, an international military commission composed of representatives of the victorious Allies put the top surviving Nazi leaders on trial starting in late 1945.


[note: yet another leftie bringing up the Nazis to try to make a point.]

And as long as we’re on the election, I can’t blame Obama for this one, but his minions at put out the “Alex Ad” to fight McCain. William Kristol of the NYTimes notes the selfishness and disdain this ad shows to those folks who are serving or who have their own children currently serving.

The MoveOn ad is unapologetic in its selfishness, and barely disguised in its disdain for those who have chosen to serve — and its contempt for those parents who might be proud of sons and daughters who are serving. The ad boldly embraces a vision of a selfish and infantilized America, suggesting that military service and sacrifice are unnecessary and deplorable relics of the past.

And the sole responsibility of others.

Go gettem NYTimes!!! Good for you.