Race Baiting

Personally I think it’s a bit early for Obama to start playing his race card. People are going to get sick and tired of having to repeat that “while they are not a racist, they disagree with Obama’s policies on x, y, z.”

I would have suggested that he drop that card sometime in October. That’s when he could snag those on the fence by suggesting that Republicans have made them fearful of the black man and they would go….”oh yeah, that must be what’s happened, I’ll pull the lever for Obama”.

The ironic part of this argument is that it ignores the tactics his fellow Democrats used in the primary, while also overlooking John McCain’s efforts to distance himself from the same tactics. It was, after all, staffers on the Hillary Clinton campaign that sent the photo of Obama in African garb to the Drudge Report. It was Bill Clinton who suggested that Obama’s victory in South Carolina was no more significant than Jesse Jackson’s in 1988. It was Hillary who explicitly went after the white, working-class vote in the later primaries that bruised Obama so badly.

That’s not the ironic part. That’s the part that pisses me off part. John McCain has made himself into a pretzel making certain he doesn’t touch on any subject that may have to do with race. Trinity Church anyone??
For Obama to suggest that McCain is futuristically going to be using race as a weapon before it’s ever happened is pathetic. And racist.

He is unbelievably galling.

Vetted as “Green”

This article cracked me up. It’s about LEED certifications for greenness in buildings. It’s become the latest status symbol.

Michael Lehrer, who designed the platinum-rated Water + Life Museum complex in Hemet, outside Los Angeles, said, ……“At a time when everybody and their sister and brother are saying ‘We are green,’ it’s very important that these things be vetted in a credible way.”

Because God forbid my home ever get called green.

Even though it’s 800 sq ft big. For air conditioning, I close the curtains in the morning and hang a blanket up between the cool part of the house and the western part where the sun will beat in the afternoon. Or the clothes line that works 10 times faster than a Energy Star Rated electric dryer.

Apparently many aren’t going for the new LEED accreditation because of the 2600 sq ft requirement. lol