Quote of the day from JK at Three Sources.
After noting 0.6% growth in q1_2008

So, like New Coke® and Coke Classic®, we have a classic recession, where the economy suffers two consecutive quarters or negative GDP growth, and a “New” recession where a Republican is in the White House and growth is sub par. Got it.


Moment of Truth

I’ve finished Michael Yon’s, Moment of Truth.

It is well worth it. Even if you’ve kept up on his blog.

The thing that struck me over and over in this book concerns what Ralph Peters writes about today as it relates to Reverend Wright.


Really. Mr. Peters writes of a culture of blame perpetuated by the likes of Wright. Blame everyone else for all of your problems.

The demagogue’s bottom line is always: Your failures aren’t your fault – it’s all their fault. Whitey’s to blame, or people of color, or the Jews (those Elders of Zion sure do stay busy) or black helicopters from the UN. It’s a formula for the perpetuation of failure.

Fortunately for us, this paralyzing cult of victimhood is the antithesis of the ethic that allowed the United States to achieve the quality of life the vast majority of us enjoy today. What built our country was the get-up-off-your-butt belief that God, by any name, helps those who help themselves.

Moment of Truth writes often of how throughout the war in Iraq, during the bad times and the more recent good times, our people, Americans, have shared an ethic that includes doing for yourself.

Yes, complain about the government. But if that particular pothole in front of your house is bothering you and the govt isn’t fixing it, then fix it yourself. (my example, not Yon’s) That is the part of Americans that Iraqis are seeing and appreciating. Ok – that and the fact that al-qaeda is soooo evil that it’s clear, crystal clear that we are the good guys there.

We truly are an amazing country.

That being said, I am getting sick to death of stories like this on Fort Bragg coming out.

Army Widens Probe after finding bad conditions at Fort Bragg

“Oh we would have fixed it if we had only known”. Bullshit oh political puff talker.
What the f*** is it going to take to treat our soldiers right from the get go?


I know you’re all awaiting my thoughts on yesterday’s news conference.

I think I said it all before and that’s why Obama is playing this game now when it could have been done with in round 1.

No one thinks that Obama agrees with Reverend Wright’s ideas. No one. So why did he align himself with the preacher and donate tons of money? His discussion on race missed the part where somehow, many people (including him) think that the preacher’s rhetoric is normal and that’s why.

Which brings us to the NYTimes. (Linked here from Ed Morrissey)
They’re saying that they had hoped the previous Wright debacle would have “open[ed] the door to a serious, healthy and much-needed discussion on race.

Mr. Wright has not let that happen.”

I would sincerely disagree. We are finally having a discussion on race. It’s the racism of all sides though and isn’t that a bit more thorough?

The discussion is thus.

1 – Obama and many others, including the 8000 parishioners of Trinity thought that Wright’s talk was somewhat “normal”. That is the only reason why Obama would have kept Mr. Wright around all of these years in spite of his ambitions. Obama doesn’t agree with Wright and no one thinks that. However – he stuck with Trinity and Wright. He could have only thought that this would not turn out to be the big deal that it is. [though he did dis-invite Wright from giving a benediction when he announced so he must have had a small clue.]

– NOW they are finding out it isn’t normal. That can only be a good thing in the discussion on race. Because if one side blames the other side for everything, there is no discussion.

2. – Now that Obama’s eyes have been opened, he thinks it’s “normal” to expect that Wright will shut up and go away. It’s abnormal for Wright to claim that Obama is just distancing himself for political reasons.
Hence Obama’s anger at having Mr. Wright continue to preach what he’s been preaching forever.
– Obama and others now see that Mr. Wright is not normal. He’s a hateful racist. No matter how much good he did. [see Mussolini and trains]

Obama has an ‘everyone thinks like me so we can all be united’ sort of problem.

It’s a big problem for a “uniter” because if you can’t see the other side unless there is screaming from all sides that you have a problem then you’re not going to be effective at the outset. Obama has some growing up to do.

Mr. Wright is hurt and now he’s chastised and demoted. He’s now been accused of “exploiting racism” Watch what happens next. Obama doesn’t have the power to shut people up and his followers are not the heavy hitters of the Clinton machine.

Had Obama been honest the first round and admitted he thought the preaching was ‘normal’ and just preaching and now his eyes are opened, he would be fine. But he didn’t. He went with the ‘I never knew’ excuse. 20 years and he never knew a thing about Wright and “white man’s greed”. Yeah, right.

Dating a liberal

These interviews with conservative women and their dating made the rounds yesterday.

What got to me was the Megan McArdle worst dating story. Not even Dr. Helen, defender of all things manly defended the dude here. Yet the story had a bit of the ol’ irony in it.

Megan’s date was clearly a cad. What did she do about it? Leave? Nope. She ordered the most expensive desert on the menu.

…….I felt like, “I’m owed this much.”

Point one. Her company can be bought.

Now the gross guy suggests (after she rejects his offer of going up to her place) that she needs to think of another way to pay him back for dinner.

Here response:

“First of all, I cannot be bought and second of all, if I could, it would not be for Bangers and Mash and a glass of white wine.” Then I grabbed all the money I had in my purse, threw it at him, and hailed a cab.

Point 2 – Her company can not be bought.
Um-which is it?

That is a “worst date” if I ever heard of one. But the irony of “I cannot be bought” after purposefully ordering a 2nd desert that is the most expensive on the menu seems to have escaped her. And no I am not equating sex/desert. Just her companionship and her companionship.

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The Election and Race

This article in Spiegel made me laugh this morning.

It starts out discussing/explaining the “Bradley Effect” and how maybe it will come to be known as the “Obama Effect” as voters tell pollsters one thing, but then racistly choose the white candidate.

THEN it goes on to explain how

A significant segment of ordinary, middle-class Democrats, especially blue-collar workers and retirees, vote along racial and ethnic lines.

Ok – if the Bradley effect is taking place, then how the heck does he know who’s voting along racial and ethnic lines??

Now let’s move over to David Brook’s piece this morning. In it he speaks of demographics and particularly the “new” demographics dividing the educated vs the less educated.

We can all play the parlor game of trying to figure out why Obama, a Harvard Law grad, resonates with the more educated while Clinton, a Yale Law grad, resonates with the less educated.

He has a whole column on the subject without mentioning the multidemographic of black people.

Click here for a little graph showing the education level of blacks vs all of the US.

I’m not so naive to think that demographics don’t matter, but come on…..if you’re going to interpret the news, give us a well rounded interpretation. Isn’t rural vs urban the more common demographic theme than educated vs less educated?

Capital Gains

Apparently after the debate in PA, not a single one of Obama’s advisers had the guts to teach him a few things or have him memorize a few quotes that might make sense as it concerns the capital gains tax.

OBAMA: Well, but what I’ve said is, I certainly would not raise it higher than it was under Ronald Reagan. But the fact is, is that I’m mindful that we’ve got to keep our capital gains tax to a point where we can actually get more revenue.

But that’s not something that’s going to affect the average person with a 401(k). When people start talking about how, well, there are millions of Americans who own stock, most of them own stock in 401(k)s that — where their taxes are deferred and they pay ordinary income taxes when they finally cash out.

He certainly is not the guy to be telling us how Mr. McCain is no economist!!

uhoh. JK thinks the interview went smoothly for Obama.


You know me. I’m usually willing to jump on the antiadditives bandwagon. For some reason the recent plastics scare hasn’t caused any undo stress.
I keep the nalgenes on hand like always.

Today Elizabeth M. Whelan is president of the American Council on Science and Health (, has a column up on the recent scare.

Scientists largely remain mute while the risks are being hyped and science distorted. Reporters typically don’t call experts who won’t give the desired scare quote – while officials at the FDA and CSPC have to worry about backlash from their political masters.

Race and this Election

Here is a column by a black man, Robert A George, who spoke at Boulder’s conference of World Affairs recently.
He’s with me. We’re clearly not past race, but not so much in terms that most people think this means.

America has come a long way in terms of race, but clearly its elites – black, white, liberal and conservative – aren’t as colorblind as they claim. They see race first, rather than accomplishment, and make intellectual, political and tactical judgments accordingly. Black people are seen as symbols rather than as people. In Boulder, a supposed liberal “non-racist” white person couldn’t understand the existence of a “non-typical” black person.

I have to disagree with his conclusion.

If the intellectually, politically and socially-aware elites remain still stuck dealing with race, isn’t it naive to think that the country at large has reached nirvana?

If the intellectually, politcally and socially-aware elites that can be found in Boulder Colorado are who the rest of the country is following, then we’re in bigger trouble than I like to think!