The Economy

The economy here is fine.

How do I know this? Because Paul Krugman is predicting doom and gloom.

But what is clear is that 2008 will be a troubled year for the U.S. economy — and that as a result, the overall economic record of the Bush years will have been dreary at best: two and a half years of slumping employment, three and a half years of good but not great growth, and two more years of renewed economic distress.


What’s going on in Kenya completely sucks and it isn’t making the big news and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we northerners get kicked for not paying enough attention.

But I have to say – people who are 1) upset about a crooked election and then 2) take their anger out on their ethnic rivals by 3) hacking people up then 4) burning people down and 5) ripping a 3 year old baby from a woman’s arms and tossing her into a fire are not understandable.

So if we don’t pay attention it might be because it’s not comprehensible.