First they came for the “”

I don’t know where they started, but I didn’t speak up.
At some point they included smokers which made me happy. (but smoke drifts over to me)

But now, now they have gone too far and it’s time I took a stand!

Now public health specialists are pressuring the Food and Drug Administration to require food makers to cut the sodium. In a hearing set for next week, they will call the government intervention crucial to fighting heart disease.



Is ‘English’ now a race?? Get this, an Irishman has been sentanced to prison for calling a Welsh woman an “English bitch”

The 55-year-old former lorry driver was found guilty of racially aggravated disorderly behaviour, and received a ten-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months.

Her husband, a 40-year-old Englishman originally from Hull, added of Mr Forsythe: “He is a racist. He doesn’t like the English.

“He’s from Ireland originally and he’s lived in Wales for years and some of them don’t like English people.

“The point is that he shouldn’t have said those things to Lorna.

“All we wanted from him was an apology but he wouldn’t give us that.

“So we’ve had to go all the way through the courts to get it.

“There’s no way this should have ended up in court, it’s the sort of thing you should be able to sort out without that.

“But he said what he said and I think he deserved to be found guilty.”

And the left thinks we’ve lost our freedom of speech…
(ht Tim Blair)


Today in the Washington Post E.J. Dionne Jr. has a great column on the ridiculous debate tactics used by Romney and Giuliani as it concerns illegal immigrants.

What happened on Wednesday night is actually scary. A legitimate concern over the failures of our national immigration policy is being transformed into an ugly attempt to turn immigrants into scapegoats for all our discontents. The real shame is that both Romney and Giuliani know better.

Amen. Why is there no one in any power that will admit we clearly need more legal immigration and that it must be quicker to get it?? Once that happens then the illegal immigration will die down. These people are too idiotic to run this country. (sadly, I’m too cranky to do it!) LOL

Mr. Dionne’s column is titled “No Nothings Who Know Better” Afreakingmen.

Speaking of the debate, Dinocrat easily takes Mr. Giuliani to task for his whining about being asked about his financial stuff during his affair that looks a bit iffy.
Amen to his compliments for our current President.

The way Bush deals with critics and criticism is one of the things I admire about him. All the presidential candidates should take a page from his book.


Today in Spiegel is a story that in Amsterdam they are going to conduct a “study” to find out why Moroccons are bashing gays there.

This month, Mayor Job Cohen commissioned the University of Amsterdam to conduct a study on the motives behind the hate crimes. Half of the crimes were committed by men of Moroccan origin and researchers believe they felt stigmatized by society and responded by attacking people they felt were lower on the social ladder. Another working theory is that the attackers may be struggling with their own sexual identity.

Two theories, neither one of which mention that Moroccan men and in particular Moroccan male gay bashers may well be fundamentalist Muslims who are given the sanctioned “ok to bash gays” by their counterparts in Iran and Saudi Arabia.



And in Africa, (I’m not sure where) the BBC is reporting that scientists are finding a group of topi antelope acting in unexpected ways. The males are picking about where they put their thing and the females are agressively looking for that same thing.
A scientist from the Zoological society of London notes:

Dr Bro-Jorgensen said: “We may not have our eyes open to the fact that opposite sexual conflicts may occur more commonly than we think.


This is a problem with science. We look to prove the expected. Anything else must be an anomoly.

Middle East

Then here’s a general post of stories to be read

1. Saudi Arabia rounded up 200 militants and some of their financiers yesterday. ? What’s going on? That’s a lot of people.

“Security forces foiled an impending attack on a support oil facility in the Eastern Province,” the spokesman said, adding that an eight-member cell led by an expatriate man was behind the plan.

2. Auston Bay writes on al-Qaeda losing. He writes realistically of timelines etc and how things have emerged, bit by bit and now….let’s see what have the Dems been complaining about? Lack of political progress…

This week, the White House and the Iraqi government announced that state-to-state discussions are taking place with the goal of reaching detailed agreements that will govern Iraq and America’s long-term political, economic and military ties. Iraqis have asked for “an enduring relationship with America.”

Hmmm. (ht Instapundit)

Other things that cracked me up this morning

The title on this column by Rosa Brooks.

Good news on Bush’s watch?
How should we react to recent signs of hope from Iraq, Pakistan and the Israel-Palestinian talks?

Oh my… should we react?? How should we react?? Tell us. gag.

Then here’s a story about the credit crunch and how bad that’s going to be.
“As lenders tighten the flow of credit, growth at risk”.

I am no economist, but I would have assumed that this would happen based on previous stories like this one called
“Mortgage Lenders Come Under Congress home Loan Scanner”.

Banks are in trouble for giving too easy of loans on folks who according to conventional wisdom were bound to not be able to keep up payments (in spite of the fact that millions ARE keeping up on payment even though they got one of those easy loans). So now, banks should continue to give easy loans in order not to risk growth?


Jobs Americans won’t do

This story cracked me up.
Apparently you can’t find American personal assistants at $1/day. But no worries, because most of the assistance we need is in making reservations, finding a good restaurant, maybe planning a vacation or tutoring the kids. You don’t need to actually be here to do those things…

Call centers in India can help. The story is from Spiegel and they have a small misunderstanding where they think Globalization is a dirty word in the US. Maybe in some towns/areas/protest groups, but in general we like cheap goods. And now, cheap services.

Globalization may still be a dirty word in the United States, where it is a synonym for downsized jobs and cheap production in the Far East. But lately middle-class Americans have also been discovering the advantages of globalization for their private lives. It turns out that the outsourcing much beloved by companies can work for personal households too. And, thanks to the Internet, the possibilities are practically limitless.

The article even notes that online gamers hire Chinese people to keep playing while they get some rest. Is that cheating??

I know you want a phone number/site…, for example, offers virtual assistants for individuals and companies, under the slogan, “Why bother with mundane and boring tasks?”

The Big Debate

Stephen Green walks us through who won…CNN. (at pushing their agenda) And he’s got a good idea that I’d like to see.

For the future, I’d like to propose what I call the Algonquin Round Table Debate. No moderator, no stopwatches, no buzzers or red lights, no YouTube, and, please, no Anderson Cooper or Chris Matthews. Instead, put all the candidates around a big table, ply them with first-rate food and liquor, and just let them talk and argue with one another until—or beyond—last call. Now that, for Democrats or Republicans, would be an event worth watching.

Famous people I’ve met

Ok you already knew about Karl Rove…..

How about Keith Hennessy?

President Bush has chosen White House economic deputy Keith Hennessey to replace his former boss Al Hubbard as the new head of the National Economic Council, White House spokesman Dana Perino said today.

Congratulations Mr. Hennessey!