The Anti-Feminist: Ellen Goodman

Ellen Goodman’s column on the lack of females in the political blogosphere is making the rounds today. (Captain Ed, and Ann Althouse)

She can’t figure out why it’s men’s voices that dominate. ROFL.

She needs to get out more into this ‘verse called the blogosphere. It’s a nerdfest! I, a female nerd, happen to belong here. (similar to how you might find me at a Star Trek convention. Many women wouldn’t be caught dead at one!)

I’m not big name, but I don’t push it either, because 1) I blog for fun in my spare time and 2) I don’t want to have to keep this up in order to keep up on being big name. (elsewise, I’m certain I’d be right up there with Glenn or even Boing Boing! Right?)

These are two very similar reasons to why women often don’t run big companies. But women can run big companies (my own boss!) and women can be bigname bloggers (see Michelle Malkin or La Shawn Barber[female, black, Christian, and political])

Ellen Goodman gives women a bad name, acting like we need “help” to really break through.

It’s about the political dialogue — who gets heard and who sets the agenda. Cooper asks herself: “Are we going to do the same thing we’ve done all along, but with computers? Or will we create a new institution that allows for marginalized voices?”
Next year, Yearly Kos will undergo a name change. The assembly of progressive bloggers will call themselves Netroots Nation. But when will the members of these netroots look more like the nation?

“Wah, wah. When will Prince Charming come save us?”

That’s got to be anti-feministic.

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