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So I read Dionne’s column this morning because the title included the word ‘dog’.

Turns out it was another feel sorry for the poor column. I was poor half my life and even I never felt sorry for me. (though I will admit I’ve always known someone, somewhere in my family could be guilted into taking me in if it was ever required. So – not that poor.)( and as a reminder of what the average poor person in this country has, read this list.

Anyway – turns out Dionne thinks that dogs take up more news space than the poor (and I assume the poor should take up more room in his opinion.
This is what cracked me up and reminded me why I don’t read him.

But the Katrina coverage stood out precisely because it was the exception. It took a hurricane to sweep poor people into the news — and they didn’t stay there long.

There is another lesson from Katrina: that covering poverty and inequality makes for compelling journalism.

Katrina is STILL in the news! What does he mean they didn’t “stay there long”? And yes compelling journalism CAN be had if you make up stories about rapes/murders/police shootings.

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This Blog

I started this blog to make it easier to get my sister to read interesting articles/blogs. It has been! This week she’s here in CO visiting and I’m on vacation and we’re both sitting here drinking coffee and perusing the net in the mornings. My muse is not inspiring me to actually blog!

So – enjoy the day – we’ll see what happens tomorrow!


I’m with Classical Values on the Senator Craig piece. What law was broken? And while he doesn’t come out and say it – I suspect that if the Senator had just switch parties (vs pleading guilty) the whole thing would have gone away.

100 dead Taliban. We’re having a good month there.

Iraq the Model has a local post on roads through Anbar and to and from Syria. You can tell things are going well because of basic economics. Taxi fares TO Baghdad used to be $25 while TO Damascus was $110. Supply/Demand. 6 weeks later it’s $25 TO Damascus and $110 TO Baghdad.
Now they are


Front page of the NYTimes today

The Wealthy Get an Extra Shield for Wildfires

OMG the rich are getting special treatment!!! Why, oh why would an insurance company cover extremely expensive homes with fire retardent but not your shack??!!!

Mr. LaPeter, who owns shopping centers and splits his time between Idaho and Maui, said the service might be a security blanket for the rich, but that it was also good business.

“At first I thought, I’ve never heard of an insurance company coming and doing that. But, duh! Of course they should,” he said. “I mean, compare the cost of these guys’ coming out to the cost of replacing a $3 million or $4 million home.”

Mr. Futral weighed in. “Save one $10 million house and it pencils out pretty quickly,” he said. “And there are a lot of nice homes here — Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood.”


Yes FRONT PAGE NEWS!!! I think I’m going to have to start reading other pages.

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Front Page of the Washington Post today.

Police Feel Wartime Pinch on Ammo
Target Practice Cut To Conserve Bullets

OMG you think!! We need those bullets here rather than overseas in foreign places!! If only Bush hadn’t started this damn war we’d have enough bullets to handle our own criminals!! We’ll have to arrest people using spitballs! (I still miss Zell)

Turns out that article, that page one article, notes the ammo shortage is occuring during wartime. Not BECAUSE of wartime.
And frankly it’s old news. Confederate yankee already fixed the AP story that came out on this on the 21st of August. How? By calling a major ammunition manufacturer.

Let me make that crystal clear.

According to two spokesmen for the world’s largest ammunition manufacturer, which runs the military’s ammunition manufacturing plant and separately, is a major supplier of law enforcement ammunition, it is a massive and unexpected increase in law enforcement ammunition demand that is causing delays in law enforcement ammunition delays, not the war.

Once again, a media organization with target fixation seems to have widely missed the mark.

Read the quotes, click on through….be amazed.

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Front Page News!!!

Political agreements made in Iraq!!!

Oh, sorry, my bad.
Front page news is actually nice yet judgemental woman refuses to return dog to nice yet politically incorrect dog owner. (Katrina dog who had been lost is found being fostered by a woman in CA who no longers wants the dog but doesn’t want to give it back to the original owner because the dog was unspayed and had heartworm disease [though without clinical signs])

Captain Ed notes this page 9 story in the Washington Post on the political agreements going on during the infamous Iraqi politicians’ vacation.

five political leaders announced an agreement Sunday night to release thousands of prisoners being held without charge and to reform the law that has kept thousands of members of Saddam Hussein’s political party out of government jobs.

Things making me laugh today

In a BBC item on gender inequality in China you have the re-cap:

The Chinese government says it is drafting new laws to tackle the growing gender imbalance caused by the widespread abortion of female foetuses.

And then this statement by the UN:

The UN recommends a gender ratio of no more than 107.

Female infanticide isn’t funny, but those two statements above are. “new laws” to have girls? (actually it’s just laws with harsher punishments for aborting girls) and the UN has a gender ratio recommendation? ROFL
Captain Ed vs Hillary. Regarding Hillary’s statement about how a terrorist attack here would be good for the GOP and shows she’s the best Dem for the job.

It’s an asinine statement. It shows what happens when Hillary gets away from her handlers and starts talking on her own. The only relation she has to her husband’s political sense is her last name.

And finally regarding the newly discovered empty space we have Alex C at ThreeSources and commenters. Here is a taste, click on through!

No, it’s perfectly normal… perhaps your computer simulations are wrong?
What happened to science? Computer modelling is not science!

(Uncorrelated has a cool picture.)
Plus all bullhooey about what General Pace said/meant and what Senator Warner said/and it’s impact from headlines yesterday/today….Have fun!!