The Surge’s Surge

Well todays newspapers (though not the LATimes) does bring us a couple of stories about Operation Phantom Thunder.
The Jordan Times brings the most positive story. Entitled

US troops set trap for gunmen near Baghdad

The Washington Post brings us the least positive and most obscur headline. (but at least it made the front page online)

Iraq Push Revives Criticism of Force Size
Baghdad Offensive May Shift Violence Elsewhere

The NYTimes has a nice headline but a basically negative story.

Militants Said to Flee Before U.S. Offensive

And finally Don Surber’s “Week in Review” is well worth a gander, because it’s hilarious, but doesn’t mention this major offensive at all. (ht Instapundit)

Australians don’t make good hostages

Tim Blair notes that before the Iranian hostage taking of Britains those Iranians first tried taking Australians. The Australians beat them back with “colorful language”.
A new weapon has been added to our inventory. (the Aussie phrase book). The sad thing is, no one understands it! Go ahead, try it….take the quiz.
I wonder what those Revolutionary Guard members thought they were being threatened with?!